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Four Year Strong

Couple of questions

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In regards to the regimine, after you are done washing your face with the face wash (cleansor) and you pat your face dry with a towel... how long should you wait before applying the Benozyl Peroxide?

In addition, after you apply the Benozyl Peroxide and it drys , all long should you wait before applying mosturizer?

Another question I have is, after I put on my moisturizer and let it dry, my face gets flakey. I read that Jojoba oil, if added to your moisturizer with 1 or 2 drops, should eliminate this. Is this true?

The problem is though I also read that Jojoba oil clogs your pores which would make your acne worse. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks :)

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You wait about 5-15 minutes between each step. You may want to review the Regimen Instructions, where Dan explains each Regimen step in detail, along with helpful videos.

Here's a checklist you can print out and take to the bathroom with you as a guide: http://www.acne.org/checklist.html

Jojoba oil can definitely help with flakiness, and is non-comedogenic for most people. It's rated a 0-2 on a comedogenicity scale; 0 being non-comedogenic and 5 being totally comedogenic.

The following two links are to websites that list comedogenic ingredients. You can research the ingredients in your product(s) and determine if any might be problematic.



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