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does it affect you? sure as hell does for me. my skin would be clear otherwise. aftee my parents stopped abusing me it went away, but now theyre being annoyig as hell givin me more stresss.

theyre throwing fits cause im gay. and theyre trying to convinc me im not!

and whenever im gonna go out with a guy they wont let me cause they think ill screw him.

HELLO? IM BI! but i muchly prefer girls..

and they wonder why i sneak out?

plus they dont even want me to have a social life. they yell for me to do extra work.

i skipped a grade already from that and now im younger than most kids in my grade which sucks.

all this gives me more spots which dosnt go away.

sorry for unproper grammar on phone. did i mention im grounded from laptop?

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your parents sound evil, I suppose that's not too helpful :eh:

Have you tried yoga or running? I've found running helps when i'm about to rip someone's hair out/murder them.

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When they yell at you, I recommend sitting quietly and letting them say what they need to...and in your head, just don't let it bother you. At the end of the day, you are who you are and don't let anyone, even if they are your parents, get to you.

If they are physically abusive, this is another issue entirely and you need to report them, or get a family member you are close to to intervene.

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they stopped hitti. me two years ago.

i do sit there saying nothig cause they do t listen to me.

thanks ill check out the atricle.

i listen to music a lot it helps... and swingig aha.

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People blame stress on a lot of things. The truth is, some stress is actually healthy, its whats motivates us to do good in life. I think once stress becomes overwhelming, it can affect your health. Take me for example, I break out from stress. Also, after basically scarring myself from a peel, I was verrry depressed. My hair fell out as a result. BUT, never ever accept "stress" as a diagnosis given to you by a doc. Demand tests to be done. If all else is clear, then conclude stress is the cause. I never believed my hair fall was due to stress, but now I do. I am still quite surprised my depression affected me like that..it just sneaks up on you.

Eh, lesson learned.

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