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Another Accutane Log

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So, here I am, starting an Accutane Log after months reading other people experiences.

Some info about me and all the things I've done so far: I'm 19 years old, male and I come from all-year-long sunny island of Cyprus.

I started developing acne at the age of 11-12(whiteheads and blackheads). When I became 14, cysts started filling my face, neck and back. I really felt like a monster, my face was disfigured. I was already shy but that was the finishing stroke. A year passed and I didn't do anything for my skin. then i went to a dermatologist that actually made my problem worse.

Then someone suggested visiting a beautician, who was an expert on cleaning acne. It was mid-July and by August I was clear. No cysts! but i had to visit her twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon to see such results. So, my mum had to take me everyday. But that was difficult enough because it was a roadtrip of an hour to go and an hour to come back. I even stayed at the lady's house for 2 weeks.( Btw, she was totally against takin accutane.)

These are the things that my treatment included: She popped my pimples one by one, and she opened up the cysts with a small needle. Sounds painful and believe me, it was! but pain was just an obstacle to a clear face. She also used to "hit" the more-difficult-to-open cysts with a light beam at a specific wavelength. Then she put some creams on my face, did some other minor things and that was it. after the end of the hardest part of the treatment, I had to visit her every two weeks to clear my face.

A very important ingredient in my treatment was my diet. my beautician insisted stopping eating bread, pasta and everything that had wheat inside. No sweets as well. and NO milk!(and cheese).

At first, I followed her instructions blindly. after some months i didn't gave much attention and i started breaking out. She, then, gave me a book about eating according to my blood type. I started avoiding eating foods that the book advised not to eat. I was surprised. It worked. If i followed it strictly, I wouldn't have a single pimple nor a cyst!

But that was difficult, and still is. I had to learn to be self-consious of what I ate. I realized that I couldn't eat my favourite food. But I managed to do it.

The thing is that sometimes even if I didn't eat anything bad, I got cysts and that made me feel really bad. It was then that i realized that stress plays an important role. So i tried to be less anxious.

I want to emphasize that during my treatment I didn't take any oral medication. And my face is full of scars, mostly on the cheeks. That's bad, i know.

And now, I'm a university student who finds it very difficult to follow the diet and the treatment( because of the long distance, I'm studying in an other country.) Although I enjoy cooking, I can't cook all the time and it's difficult not to eat something ready, whether is fast food or food at the university canteen(which much worse that fast food). So, I have breakouts. Only cysts, no pimples. I use Dan's Regimen, which I found useful. I also paid a visit to a derm here, who insisted taking Accutane from the first time she saw me having cysts. But i said i wanted to try an antibiotic first. She gave azithromycin for 2+2 weeks, and also adapalene. I got clear again. but after stopping taking the medication and eating bad i got a break again( a cyst under the lips).

So, i decided to take accutane. I'm taking my results tomorrow and hopefully I'll start the medication on Tuesday.

i already have aches on my joins, actually i have tenontitis οn both my elbows( which i notice after exercising without warming up.) I'm worried about this side effect particularly.

and also, summer is almost here. which means being at the beach all day, everyday. Which I think I have to forget for this summer.

And finally, after lots of blabbing, i want to say this. I said i would never take accutane. It was a promise I made to myself. but i'll break it. And i feel really bad, it's like betraying myself.

PS : if anyone is starting accutane at around the same time as I am, can share this post for his/her log, so we can have a merged log. ( I saw this in another log and I'm stealing the idea ;) forgive me! )

PS2: I'm all clear now, I don't have any cysts or pimples. Let's see how this thing is going to evolve!

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I just got my results, everything's ok and I've been given the green light to start taking accutane tomorrow.

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thanks man!

Day 1


So, the first day has passed. Nothing much to say, no dryness, no side effects. The only thing is that I was really sleepy last night. I woke up after 12 hours. But I guess this is not happening because of the pill, I just needed some sleep because I had woken up early.

I also took the 2nd pill today. I'll report any changes tomorrow.

That's all for today.

Live long and prosper ;p

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