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Under-the-skin lumpy spots?

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Hi, I've been on Dans BP for a about a year now. I'm not a religious follower of it, for example I only use Dan's BP and usually make do with whatever products I can find for the other 2 stages. Also I tend to skip a lot of applications because I can't be arsed with it in the morning (or when I come in from a night on the lash) if I'm honest :razz: I like it, it doesn't get me 100% clear, but its gets me a stage where I have about maybe 3 or 4 spots at any one time, the stage where I'm comfortable with myself and don't feel the need to hide or shy away from anyone.

Well a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd step up my game as now I'm officially classed as a adult (18 over here) I want my spots to be a thing of the past... for good. So I started applying the right amounts morning and nights and whilst my skin feels really smooth and otherwise clear, I'm getting starting to get these lumpy, painful, under-the-skin type spots? Never had these before. I have maybe 4 of them at the moment and they are quite painful to the touch. Does anyone know what this means? In my head I've tried to convince myself its the beginning of the end, but I know this most likely is not the case. Is it just because I've upped the frequency and (to some extent) the dosage?

Any help and advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

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