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Wound Healing Process

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It's hard to tell if I have scars from my acne in December-February, so I'm constantly reading about the wound healing process to see if my scars are permanent or still healing. The Wikipedia article on wound healing explains the scar formation process pretty well. I thought it might help others who are new to scarring and wonder how long it takes a scar to form.

I'm not sure if I can post a link, so if you look up wound healing on wikipedia, you will find the information. Here's the beginning.

"The classic model of wound healing is divided into three or four sequential, yet overlapping, phases: (1) hemostasis (not considered a phase by some authors), (2) inflammatory, (3) proliferative and (4) remodeling."

The skinbiology website says the inflammatory phase lasts about 6 days. The proliferative phase lasts up to 4 weeks and remodeling can last for years. I hope this helps someone as much as it's helped me. I think there is still hope for my new scars.

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it will improve some by 12 months after wound it is mostly like it will look without treatments. then treatments can improve it

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Thanks! Learning more about when other peoples' scars stopped healing naturally is so helpful.

I guess I've traded my obsession with acne for obsession with scar formation :) And only time will tell what I'm left with...

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