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3 days into regimen

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Hi all, I'm a new user and this is my first post.

Just received my starter kit about 3 days ago, haven't seen any effects just yet but will post pictures of my skin when I get my camera back from a friend.

Generally, there were no adverse reactions that the products had on my skin. Let me just write down my observations after using the products:


  • Cleanser was good, typical gentle cleanser
  • Stingy feeling and tighter skin after applying BP
  • Oily face after applying moisturizer

A short writeup about myself. I'm 19 years old Asian male. Have been using Cetaphil Skin Cleanser daily since about a year ago and L'oreal Exfoliating Scrub once in a blue moon. I use SebaMed acne gel for occasional breakouts.

I would say that I don't really have A LOT of acne, but I do have quite a lot of ugly pit holes which were probably left due to previous facial sessions? My main concern with regard to my face are these pit holes and acne scars which have a different skin tone. Pimples wise, there's probably about 10 or so on my face at the moment.

Not sure if I bought the starter kit on impulse, but I would really like to ask if the regimen has any use with regard to healing scars and removing pit holes?

Please help! They are really ugly!

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I started seeing results about a week in. Wash your face twice a day, every day about 12 hours apart. Remember, start with half a pump of BP (do this for a month), then each week after that add 1/2 of a pump; so close to your second month in, you should be using 2 full pumps of BP. All of your acne should be gone within a couple of months, but continue to wash your face.

I really hated the oiliness and stickyness of the standard moisturizer, so now I use Jergens Soothing Aloe Relief. This lotion also cools the skin if you're having any burning sensation from the BP. Make sure to let the BP dry completely before applying moisturizer as you can cause burning and irritation.

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Three days is pretty early to be expecting to see results (although some people do experience an initial clearing as the BP helps to dry up the acne at the surface of their skin). Generally, we recommend sticking with The Regimen for at least three months before deciding whether or not it's working for you, because by then, most Regimen-users are seeing significant improvement in their skin.

As godawfulface mentioned, you might want to check out the What To Expect page. (I find that for many Regimen-users, the 'Moderate' chart is a more reasonable timeline, regardless of the severity of their acne. Everybody's different, though, so some people may clear up faster, and others may need a bit longer.)

The Acne.org Regimen is a treatment for acne, not for scarring. You can find information on scar treatments here, and you can discuss them on our Scar Treatments board. : )

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