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Topical from friend of the family

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Hey people, My auntie got me some stuff to apply to my skin i have been told its great for acne and skin problems, so i am wondering if it will be ok to put on my skin ( i dont want to regret putting it on and breaking out or ending up with deep nodules etc) the ingredients are

Lavender, Marigold, Bistort oil and plantain in an olive oil base with myrrh essential oil.

? :S

could be a miracle and ive not used it. What do you think

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Ok little update. I applied it since my auntie insisted I used it. I was very very reluctant to apply it after breaking out in nodules from using a mandelic acid and shea butter formular from else where.

so Its been 4 days of applying it lightly in the day and a little more at night, and honestly ive NEVER seen my bit between the eye brows look this good :dance:. it looks "normal".

seems to fade red marks to and bring others out to speed up the process, I dont know how but its just great lol/ Ive had it lying around for weeks but been to scared to put "oil" onto my skin or anything that looks to thick for the skin, but this melts into the skin, its so weird, sure it stays shiny so just dont use it in the day, night is best.

I still spot treat with BHA when i need to quickly bring one to a head. but its this homemade glory that has made my skin look normal for once

oh and the type of red marks i get can be seen here >


that was after i stopped anti biotics and had a break out from hell, my skin has cleared up much better now but still left with some "dark" patches

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yeah honestly this is great stuff, if anyone wants a tub I can ask how much they are and send them out to you guys once payment has been made.

honestly this is good stuff. Im not trying to make any money from this is, i dont even make the stuff, just want to do people favours. I can ask my auntie for a price (she gets it from her husbands mum) lol

i picked a tiny tiny blemish (trapped pore) and i broke the skin trying to get the b'stard out, then my skin was red, bruised, bleeding, scabbing mess. i let it dry up which took a day, then i applied this stuff to it like crazy amounts during the day and then a day later so tue it peeled off a layer of the mess and left soft shiny new skin, its slightly pink but nothing a bit of cover cant handle.

rocking :thumbsup:

no limits, i heard that myrrh is great for the skin also. infact all those ingredients are meant to be good. and from my experience they certainly are

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