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Does BP help with deep acne? (under skin)

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Ok so i've posted about 4-5 times for help but no replies, please help!

All I wanna know if BP will help with deep acne, not the ordinary kind that forms a bump and fades after a month.

I've had this pimple for nearly 2 months and nothing has happened to it, the redness is still almost the same and when it was formed, there was no bump to it. I asked my dermatologist about it and she told that me it was an "embedded acne", those that are formed under the skin and takes awhile to go away, probably like 6 months to years.

So, does BP help at all with deep acne? Or does it just irritates the outer layer leaving the inner ones untouched because I don't wanna look flushed on one side all day long if it doesn't help.

If it doesn't help, what should I do about it? I'm 99% clear except for that mark and it's kind of annoying me from time to time lol. and oh yeah I am on differin, it doesn't help at all from what I've observed after 2 months of application

Thanks for reading!

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That sounds like it might be cystic to me. BP can help with cystic acne, but primarily by preventing new cysts rather than getting rid of old ones (since they don't dry out very easily because they're so deep in the skin).

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I think the common thought is that even deep acne starts off like regular acne and therefore preventing it can be the same.

I haven't found BP to be particularly effective at preventing or getting rid of my active deep acne. For me a combination of things helps.

Dan does talk about The Regimen working for people with cysts however I think that once you have a deep acne spot or cyst, BP is not going to help so much as it is already pretty far along.

When you have something for over 2 months usually a cortisone shot, extraction or just time might be the only option.

When your doctor told you about your "embedded acne" didnt you ask. what can I do? if so, what did he/she say?

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Hey, thanks for the replies :)

I didn't ask my dermatologist bout it, shouldve asked about it lol. I'm using differin on that spot daily at night, I guess BP would not help so I would avoid it because it irritates my skin alot.

What exactly is a cortisone shot?:surprised: Care to share some personal experience?

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