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So yea this is pretty much the begininng of the end

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I always thought I was one of those lucky people who could get away with picking at acne and not get any permanent indentations. For years I had a problem picking at every pimple I had on my face because I hated them so much knowing it was only making it worse, it was insane really. Only over the past year or so did I get the picking under control and started to make real progress in improving my skin.

Now that I have used various exfoliates to flake off the outer layer of skin am I starting to see the true damage that has been done to my face, little by little. A month and a half ago I had NO SCARRING WHATSOEVER. Now I have 3 big rolling scars on my right cheek and literally day by day I see my face progressively getting worse. Acne is mild at this point but the scarring continues to slowly get worse. My scarring is somewhat minimal at this point but I can see the trend, within the next few months I'll probably have much more severe scarring. I am going to be going through the same dilemma as she is in only a matter of time, except mine will probably be worse:


I don't have my camera right now but tomorrow night I will and I will post pics and keep you guys updated on the progressive destruction of my face.

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Wait, scars can really show up years later just like that? Shit. I hope this doesn't happen to me. :(

I too have always thought I was one of those lucky ones who could get away with picking while not getting any scars. I had a huge picking problem all throughout middle school because I didn't know how bad it was for your skin. I've got it somewhat under control now. I've never noticed any indented or raised scars on my skin at all. Just left-over brown/red marks. I always thought this was a little weird considering all of the picking I used to do. I bet this is going to happen to me. I bet I'm so fucked. My face is going to be shit forever.

Can I ask exactly how long you've had acne? And how many years after you stopped picking did the scarring start to show up?

I'm sorry that you're experiencing this. Stay hopeful, maybe your scarring won't get as bad as you think.

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If those scars show up due to the sloughing-off of the top layers of your skin, then you can either stop exfoliating to slow their appearance or keep exfoliating until the scars slough off as well. You could try using copper peptides or Vitamin E to help them heal. The key is to use something to break down the scar tissue until it breaks down and sloughs off, like salicylic or lactic acid, and then use something to build up healthy new skin, like copper peptides, vitamin E, aloe vera, etc.

Also, I know it's hard, but don't stress about what COULD happen; stress wrecks your collagen and could possibly make scars worse, among countless other nasty things. If you really want a scarred-up face, a good way to get one is to imagine what your skin's could look like if things continue and stress yourself sick over it. Trust me, I'm a pro. ;)

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