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Acne only on the outside of sinus cavities?

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So how many people get acne breakouts only on the outside of where your sinuses are?



I do get pimples, not necessarily breakouts, on other areas, but these are minor and not often, so no reason to worry about those...but i find i break out on the outside of the sinus areas with bigger swollen pimples. So is this just from stuffed up sinuses? I do have allergies and get stuffy most of the time, so i've been trying to manage it, but i wanted to know if there's any articles orposts out there about this. I find that the skin in these areas is usually somewhat blotchy too, so i'm thinking it has to be sinus related. Sometimes I even break out symmetrically in lines that match a sinus line/wall. I don't think the symetrical pattern is due to anything else since I've thought it over and there's nothing I'm doing that coud cause it there specifically and in that pattern.

Any feedback is appreciated

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I forgot to add my nose is usually blotchy with what seems to be blackheads, but they never really break out into white heads or inflammed pimples. the area between my eyebrows looks normal though with no breakouts. I only breakout around the frontal (forehead) sinus and Maxillary (cheek) sinus, with the maxillary breakouts being worse (deeper). Could that mean I'm more stuffy in certain sinuses or does it have to do with skin depth/thickness?

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