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Extremely Dry Back + Worse Acne.

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Hey guys.

This might not be completely about my bacne, but I need help from the side effects of a remedy.

So I tried using Head & Shoulders [Classic Clean] on my back since many have been raving about it and the success of the product against their back acne.

I used it for 2 days just apply, wait, and rinse. My back and chest acne started to diminish.

Then I came across another thread where the user just applied it to his back, and let it dry. It started to work a little.

As I continued to use it, my back became extremely dry and flaky. So I stopped using it.

A few days later [present] my back is STILL dry and flaky with a bit of acne coming back. I've even applied lotion to my back within the past few days. [i usually don't put lotion on my body since it never gets dry. So yes, my back is really dry.]

Also, the dryness is starting to crossover to my chest also. :\

So now, what can I do? It's really irritating and I'm now clueless of what to do next. I don't even care about my bacne, I just really would like to heal my dry skin. :wall:

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yeah what you were doing was harsh on your skin......here are some tips ...i have bacne also and have been suffering for years! its annoying

in the shower use neutragina facial bar

after shower put on a fragrence free moisturiser

then after that drys I put on murad exfoliating acne treatment gel

I also take alot of fish oil pills daily...it helps keep your skin clear

hope this helps

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