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Folliculitis help!!!

I ordered mines off ebay for half the price you would to get in a pharmacy but you could ask the pharmacist to special order the 32oz for you i doubt they would carry it in the store but they do have the smaller size

You need a pump for this bottle since it is so thin and basically leaks between your fingers

This product is very dangerous to use around the eyes and ears!!!!!!!

What i normally do to wash myself in the shower i would cup my hand and pump a small amount into my hand and gently rub it across my chest, back, arms, and even use it as a shampoo but very carefully do i use this product

I would apply cotton balls into my ears and use the shampoo at the last part of washing my body and keep my eyes closed let it sit for at least 3-5 min topically all around my skin

I have been using this product for the last 5 days but im going to cut back some since this product does kill off good and bad bacteria and could induce rashes but i want to see if i can stick doing this for a 7 day course then cut back and use it for 3 days on and 4 days off.

google hibiclens and read for yourself about the product it is very handy to have around the house if used properly.

Well my acne/folliculitis is all on my chin and near mouth so i only want to wash there and maybe some on cheeks. Thanks for the help. I plan on getting this with a probiotic, i am still refraining from taking bactrim at this time. SJS just scares the hell outta me.

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i have septra bactrim ds also as my prescription if my folliculitis does end up coming back i am going to give it a try

usually people that are sensitive to sulfate is when the medication can be hell but if your not allergic to it give it a try it wont hurt it might knock out those folliculitis

you wont need probiotics unless your taking antibiotics or have a case of candida or maybe have a case of diarrhea

See thats the thing i dont know if i am allergic to sulfate or not. What else has sulfate lol? Idk? I know that i am allergic to erythromycin and ceclor, but don't know if they are in relation to bactrim or not. Those made me have skin rashes as a kid.

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Back for more complaining lol

Anyways seems as thought my skin problem is surely but slowly coming back today i just got a nice pimple sized folliculitis growing on my upper scalp nice little sized one on the side of my neck and very itchy on my shoulder blade with a couple of new ones forming i jumped in the shower asap when that happened washed my scalp out with tee tree shampoo and my body with dial antibacterial

Seem like this thing is trying to win :whistle:

Well next week i will be going to the University of medicine and dentistry to see the dermatologist there i refuse to spend any money and refuse to take any antibiotics that will only work during it's course from just random derms

Let see how that turns out i will be back with some new updates later on this week.

Hi there! Just wanted to check how your folliculitis was being handled. Im in desparate need of help. My almost 17 year old has been dealing with this for 1 1/2 years. Hes been through so much. I have spent countless hours up all night trying to find something. Have tried everything. Please if you can help me I would appriciate it.

Thanks, Kerry

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My only connection with a Fungal infection came when i was on Minocyclin. Doctor had me on it for 4 months and suddenly i broke out on my chest, neck and back. Saw a derm and she said it was fungal not acne because of how the pimples were forming.

The way i killed it was using Lipox cream perscribed to me.

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There does not seem to be a cure for this unless you catch it early. I have had this for many years. I have read posts on other sites that some have had this for 40 years. This stems from having acne as a teen and into my 20's. I believe it was from the crazy amount of antibiotics I was prescribed for it. It may also have been the strongest form of Accutane I took in my early 20's. I have seen an infectious disease doctor and still have it. It is definitely staph. Had multiple cultures done. Exercise or heat and humidity increases it tenfold. You can get it anywhere, sex, gym, dirty toilet seats, etc. Most people do not get it from these, but people on skin antibiotics for years destroy their skin's immune system(flora). I also have had a few warts(another skin immune system defect) that needed to be burned off. Just as a note, I had cystic back acne as teen, so I am wondering if people with less severe acne are suffering from folliculitis.

What has been tried and results:

Cephalexin oral antibiotic.Very strong antibiotic. Did nothing. Effective as taking candy.

Antibiotic used for gum disease.Sorry I forget the name. This was a very mild antibiotic my dermatologist prescribed that I was on for a couple of years, that really kept my folliculitis in check, but never fully got rid of it.

Erythromycin gel or lotion. Did nothing. Effective like rubbing water on my skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide 8% body wash with urea. Decent improvement. If not rinsed well, it will bleach anything you wear. Never take a quick shower while using this. Even after rinsing very well, I find sometimes my clothes still get bleached. The urea helps the BP to get into the skin.

Ketoconazole 2%. Works very well but will not get rid of everything.

Pyrithione Zinc 2%. Works as well as Ketoconazole 2%, but seemed to irritate my skin a lot more.

Hibclens 4%Works a little better than Ketoconazole 2% and Pyrithione Zinc 2%, but is 10 bucks for a small bottle. Best to mix it with your favorite body wash to save some money. Online stores sell 32oz bottles for a better deal.

Clindamycin 1% foam or gelWorks barely, but it is not safe to use all over the body. Only for spot use.

Tea tree oilWashes don't work, but full strength works okay, but can't be used all over due to the nasty smell.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3% or bleach bathsWorks very well. Pour entire standard size hydrogen peroxide bottle in tub or a half to full cup of bleach. Soak for 15-30 minutes. Bleaches body hair with continued use, so some guys may not like this. Definitely do not put head in the water or get any on your eyebrows. I learned the hard way.

Salicylic acid 6% lotionWorks very well, but only works if you use it daily. Not a cure, but a patch. Exfoliates under the skin, as a beta-hydroxy. See my next post.

Amlactin 12% or Glycolic Acid 10% or higher. Both work great with the Salicylic acid, but neither are cheap and the all over body use can get expensive. Once again this does not kill the bacteria, but only exfoliates the top layer of the skin to prevent the bumps from forming. These do make your skin look younger though.

Many oral anti-fungal or anti-bacterial herbsDid nothing. None of these seemed to work. Snake oil to me. Believe me I used them for months at a time, even on an empty stomach. I have not tried topical Oil of Oregano yet. I am trying straight liquid chlorophyll right now.

Non-milk derived probioticsThese work well, as I notice when I stop taking them for a while, I get the big bumps on my skin.

Colostrum.Seems to work some as it is an immune booster, but again does not completely clear me up. Just have to use the anti-fungals less. Also I do not like taking it often, as I gain weight from it. Supposedly some bodybuilders use it.

I have a whole lot more to write, and some more products I probably left out, like fish oil for anti-inflammatory effects, or more supplements I have tried, but this gives you an idea what I have been through. I have no idea on the long term effects from these. I hope I have helped.

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I have dark/thick hair and went to the derm for two years after i noticed it was spreading because I used to get the usual one pimple. One pimple would disappear but this time it kept spreading lol. The derm gave me a pill and anti fungal/bacteria but never helped. I have learned how to suppress it but it still there. Keep us update please. This could be my problem as well. I will make another appointment with a new doctor. The last one only looked at it and did nothing only prescribed me medicine.

By the way, this problem also happened when my dad cut my hair. He did not shave it but he accidentally plucked a hair out. More like a few. Before I leave, I am digging the way you documented this. Could help others.

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My son had this on his arms, neck chest and back. He also had a fungal infection a few summers ago in his armpit when he was playing a lot of tennis. Apparently they can be both caused by a fungal/yeast/bacteria infections. Last time the Dr. had him use an over the counter cream and some oral meds. This time I did a search on the internet and found this info.

This is what I found that worked, over about a 10 day period.

When showering use a clean wash cloth each time and a fresh towel each time so as not to spread.

Use a dandruff shampoo to shower with, I had him use Selsun Blue, or a good dandruff shampoo with selenium sulfide, Head and Shoulders would probably work too.

It was recommended to shave with a gel shave cream (or use electric razor) and change blade each time. I however had him put razor in a dish of alcohol for a minute.

I also found something else that really seemed to work, Domeboro (aluminum acetate, made by Bayer), it comes in a package of 12 packets of powder you mix with water to make a solution. I can't remember just what it was that lead me to this, it was in reference to home remedies. I mixed about 20 oz of water to 2 packets in a bottle (says solution is good for a week or so) and had him pour some into a bowl and soak a wash cloth and dab it on areas for a about 5 minutes after he showered. I read somewhere that people used a cotton sheet/material soaked in this mixture and applied for 5 minutes. He said it smelled like pickles. I remember someone (on-line somewhere) saying they used alum powder (used in pickling and other things)) for this same purpose, alum=potassium aluminum sulfide, so its kind of close. Anyway, you can look this stuff up. Also, the woman at the Pharmacy where I purchased this stuff ($12) said this stuff used to require a prescription and said it was really good stuff, used for many other skin ailments, its somewhat astringent.

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