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It's hard to explain my problem and I'm not sure I fully understand what is happening with my face myself. I have these ice pick acne scars which I'd love to get rid of but I fear I may have to accept them now, they are not that bad though thankfully so at least I can tell myself that they make me look rugged and try to turn it into a positive. However, the big problem I have is that these areas where I have these slight scars are very prone to turning red. For the longest time (I'm already 30) I put the blemishes on my chin, cheeks and forehead down to acne but I think I've been missing the point in trying to treat acne when my real problem is these scars and the resulting redness and small permanent red marks they have caused. I have a few permanent red marks on my forehead beneath the skin that no amount of BP is going to shift for example, in fact the BP tends to aggravate the redness on my face so as good as it is for preventing acne I had to stop.

I have been on roaccutane before which I have read can be related to redness, but not for very long and it was over 13 years ago. My skin is very pale but I seem to have a slight red blotchiness underneath the skin (even on my forehead) which gives me an uneven looking skin tone but it's not too bad. However, just something as simple as a smile, facial expression or taking a drink of coffee (which I noticed in the mirror when having my hair cut yesterday) can make my chin and the cheek areas close to either side of my nose all the way down to the corners of where a mustache would be turn very red for a little while until it slowly goes back to 'normal'. My skin is very oily (the reason I was acne prone) and my skin starts to look redder anyway after 5 hours + or so as it becomes more oily around my nose in particular (don't know why as most people with redness seem to have dry skin). It's this redness that is very noticeable when it is there and constantly makes me feel like there is something not right with my face. Can happen when I'm hot or extremely anxious (which is very rare) too. So I don't know if it is flushing that is the problem or the redness from my acne scars showing through if I tighten my skin in any way - I'm a bit confused about it really.

As I have oily skin, I tried Garnier Pure shine control moisturiser to see if it would slow the oil production. It did somewhat and I also found that it helped a bit with the redness as it absorbs the oil using white clay so it does lighten my complexion a bit with the redness not showing through quite so much, though it does seem a touch powdery and I would want people to think I was wearing make up. My oil starts to overpower it after 7 or 8 hours too making my face look a bit of a mess so it's not exactly ideal. So is there anything I can do about this redness? Of course, I really want to get rid of it but if that is not possible I even wondered whether fake tan would cover it, though I'm afraid that would make me look ridiculous. I also wondered if a good tinted moisturiser to replace the Garnier one would do the job to even my skin tone, any good ones I should try?

I've had nearly 20 years of worrying about my skin and it's really killing me now, I've always had some trouble accepting myself properly because of it. My wife left me for another man last year taking my 3 sons but rather than crumble I have done everything I can to remain positive, I have even improved my appearance an awful lot but my skin is something I have never been able to get handled. I really need some confidence in myself right now more than ever and worrying about this skin of mine is really holding me back. It certainly seems true that the best way of meeting new people is to be 'comfortable in your own skin' which seem like a bit of a sick joke to me.

Thanks so much for your help,


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