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I've had acne for about 17 years now and have tried so many different avenues you wouldn't believe, i'll make a list so you see;

proactive, microdermabrasion, antibiotics, portrait laser ( for scarring), birth control pills, all over the counter meds, etc etc...

Anyway, then I discovered there is a link between your skin and the food you consume, contrary to what your traditional dermatologist will tell you. So then after doing extensive research, I embarked on a two and a half year diet which the name for it would be macrobiotics. And whatta ya know, my skin cleared!! BUT, yes there is a but, after 2 years of eating raw fruit and vegetables and nuts, as healthy as it is, you kinda start craving normal food especially when your boyfriend refuses to eat like you so yeah, needless to say I slowly but surely went back to my old eating habits. It was like a drug addict rebounding back to drugs, I rebounded back to regular food, and thus my acne returned. So then, I had to find some kind of a balance, I figured if I can't commit to a macrobiotic full time, I can still eat whatever I want but in moderation. So, I did some more research on detoxifying your body, and supplements and what not so here's what works for me( Oh and by the way did I mention I stopped wearing makeup? more on that later.) If you like chocolate like I do, you can still eat it! just eat the ones from the health store which have natural sugars as opposed to all the crap that snickers and twics is loaded with. Fast food? why not, instead of going to mcd's or burger king go to boston market or panera. The food in these places DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT. Oh and of you happen to overindulge on cheesecake or a really greasy pizza, wash it down with fruit. When I notice my skin starts breaking out more than usual I drink dandelion root tea-rosted, and that's good for detoxifying your liver and thus you get clear skin. Supplement wise I take Alpha Lipoic acid( it gives you energy and rebuilds collagen), MSM( it detoxifies you and rebuilds collagen- but beware the first 3 weeks you take it you might have a rash of even worse acne while this is cleaning you out) and I take Hydraplenish ( it has msm and hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and plumps your skin from the inside out- ya know for those left over pitted scars we despise). OK now as I said before about the no makeup deal GASP no really stop wearing makeup at least all the heavy foundation and creamy crap, makeup isn;t designed to better you skin it's designed to ruin it so you continue to buy it. Instead of masking your whole face try just covering up only the zits on your skin, now this will take a great deal of effort to try and match your exact shade on your face, but honestly once you do you will notice a huge imrovement in your skin, you just have to endure the 2 or 3 days of going out in public with red and irritated skin until you recover from the makeup. I use neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer, not that it does anything for zits but it covers really good and it doesnt irritate my skin. As far as face wash goes, throw out anything with salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide, because the 1st one strips your skin too much while the other one overdries it thus neither one work as the end result. I use cleansers by burts bees they are all natural and work i alternate between the chamomile deep cleansing creme and the radiance facial cleanser they are both ridicilously good. Also here is another trick when you want your skin to look super polished, you mix the burts bees pore refining mask with grape seed oil and slather it on your face and leave it on for like 20 minutes, not only will it heal your zits, but if your skin is oily it will reduce the oil on there, because when you put oil on your skin it tricks your skin into stop overproducing and thus less or no more breakouts, seriously this stuff works. Wow, this is a long post, but I hope you guys will consider trying some of this stuff Im telling you about its been a loooong time since ive been on here but i felt compelled to share my success with you and educate those who might not be aware of all the options outthere. Good luck and please tell me if it works for you.

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