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Anti androgens taken on first 10 days of menstrual cycle only?

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I've read a bit about anti androgens being taken on the first 5 or 10 days of the cycle only.

The first time I heard about this was the study with the spearmint tea, where they were given the tea for 5 days in the folicular phase of the menstrual cycle (whatever that is) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6376599.stm

And there was another article which mentioned cyproterone acetate being given on the first 10 days of the cycle http://dermnetnz.org/treatments/antiandrogens.html

Has anyone heard anything about the effectiveness of doing this? Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, because I am a bit thick.

Perhaps I'd be able to get a flutamide prescription if I agreed to only use it for this part of my cycle?! :D

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I haven't asked for flutamide yet because at the moment I am reasonably clear. But I've just stopped dianette due to migraines, and am waiting for the inevitable return of acne and more to boot. I think what they would do is wait for my acne to return before prescribing me anything, but I am looking to avoid that because I know that once it sets in it becomes quite difficult to treat :(

Can't up the spiro due to low pressure.


Anyway, one article says To look at the effects in women, 21 volunteers with hirsutism, 12 of whom had polycystic ovary syndrome, were given a cup of spearmint tea twice a day for five days in the follicular (when the ovarian follicle develops) phase of their menstrual cycle.

And the other one says Cyproterone acetate 50 - 200 mg (Androcurâ„¢, Procurâ„¢, Siteroneâ„¢ - available in New Zealand only on a specialist's prescription). This powerful anti-androgen is usually taken on days 1 to 10 of the menstrual cycle (conventionally, day 1 is the first day of menstruation).

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I've just looked up online and the folicular cycle seems to be the same - from the first day of the period.

Definition: Follicular Phase: The follicular phase begins on Day 1 of your menstrual cycle. Day 1 is by definition the day your period starts. The follicular phase ends when a hormone called luteinizing hormone peaks and ovulation occurs.

I can't understand why taking something during this time in the cycle only could be effective :S But it must be otherwise they wouldn't have done it with the spearmint tea, or suggested it on the article with the cyproterone acetate. But then why aren't doctors recommending we do this? It would mean taking smaller doses of the drugs overall, surely, which would only be a good thing?

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Hi there

I know this thread is a bit old but I just wanted to say that I've tried this and it worked for me! It's been the only thing to work for me EVER.

I had tried all the typical antibiotics, Differin, different BC pills - nothing worked. I tried Spiro. Didn't work. Cyproterone Acetate is what is in the BC pill Diane/Brenda. My doctor said that pill was probably my best chance of clearing up. I tried it twice, first time for 3 months, 2nd time for 4 months. Both times I had a really bad reaction psychologically. First time I also put on 5kgs, experienced cramping all month long (which prevented me from running so probably why I put on 5kgs). 2nd time I had panic and anxiety attacks. So my doctor took me off and said I could take a low dose BC pill but supplement it by taking a separate tablet of cypro acetate. She perscribed me Androcur - 50mg for 10 days of my cycle. I took it with the first 10 active tablets of my BC. I now realise I probably should have taken it from day 1 of my actual period but nevertheless - it worked. It took a few months and gradually I got clear. I still got the odd pimple but nothing too bad. The only dilemma I had was that most of the doctors at my local clinic didn't want to perscribe it. I would get hassled about why I needed a script for Androcur. It's anti-androgen but in Australia where I live it's not allowed to be perscribed for acne only. I used to lie and say I had issues with excess hair as well. Doctors also needed to get an authority number in order to give me the script. They had to actually ring someone and explain who and why they were perscribing in order to be given approval. It was such a hassle.

In the end I went off it because I didn't want to be on it for ever, and I was sick of going through hoops to get it. I was taking Loette for my BC pill. I switched to Yasmin as someone told me it would be better for my skin. 6 months later I had broken out so bad that in frustration I stopped taking BC pills altogether. Little did I know that most people break out terribly when they go off BC. I wish I had known - I now look terrble! I'm currently 20 days into a course of Accutane. I want to clean this up once and for all.I don't know if tane with work for me but if it doesn't, I'll be going back on Androcur. I now have a better doctor and derm who know my story and I'm sure I won't have problems like I used to.

Oh and for background, I don't have PCOS (have been tested). My hormone levels via saliva test showed really high testosterone and estrogen but that was only 2 months after going off BC pills. 3 months after I did a blood hormone test and all my levels were normal.

So yes Cypro Acetate for 10 days of a cycle does work for people.

Happy to answer anyone Qs about it, PM me.

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