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Green Cream 6 breakouts

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So I just started using Green Cream level 6 about a week ago; lo and behold, I have the initial breakout from using it. However, I'm wondering how long these breakouts tend to last? I have college coming up on June 30th, and would like to look my best if possible. However, I have heard that these breakouts can last up to 3 months. If that is the case, should I really continue with the cream or just tough it out?

I'm finding that I'm getting a lot zits, many of which are inflamed, where I usually don't have any problems. A lot of them are actually a little painful as well. I hope this is normal and that it doesn't last THAT long, otherwise I may have to stop...

P.S.- Should I avoid the sun as much as possible while taking Green Cream? I'm going to FL soon and would like to get a tan, but I don't know if that'd be a good idea while I'm using retinoids.

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Unfortunately, I don't know a thing about Green Cream, but I do know that new products can cause what we call "initial breakouts" as the skin adjusts to new products. Hopefully soon someone can jump in here with some more informed advice!

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The key to minimizing an initial breakout is to keep inflammation down as much as possible. Some suggestions:

--oral/topical ibuprofen

--topical ketoprofen

--topical niacinamide

--icing face daily

--finacea (may cause dryness or irritation if used in conjunction with green cream, so you'll have to be careful)

--anti-inflammatory foods such as ginger root; I suggest searching the Nutrition forum for more info

Personally I was past the worst of the purging after 2 months, but everyone's skin is different!

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when i started using it, i got the initial breakout, which lasted through the second month or so. it seems like a long time, bu i was really happy that i stuck with it because my skin was amazing afterwards....i really like the green cream for getting rid of tiny bumps and smoothing the texture of my skin.....keep it up.....good results will happen!!!

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Thanks guys, I'll keep it up then. The breakouts actually seem to be less and less intense as the days go by. Right now, I mostly just have a few brown spots left and the oral ibuprofen seems to help as well.

Also, like I said in my earlier post, I'll be going to Florida in the next couple of weeks. Should I avoid the sun as much as possible while taking the Green Cream or would it be alright to be outside with some SPF 30 over it?

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It definitely makes your skin more sun-sensitive, so I'd suggest a hat or visor with a big brim, plus the sunscreen. You don't have to stay out of the sun altogether, just be careful.

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