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unaddressed question?

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I have a question I cannot seem to get an answer for... My son (15 yrs old) lives with my ex who is not very responsible. He started his first course of accutane, and due to circumstances beyond his control he was not able to take the med one day and took two another day, additionally she did not follow up with the Dr. for tests as she was supposed to. He has now been listed as non-compliant. First the Dr. (who's competency I am beginning to wonder about I'm afraid) told me that my son would not ever be allowed to go back on the Accutane again, as it is SO strictly regulated. He told me that it was a one shot deal and that it was regulated by the FDA and that THEY would not allow him to give my son another opportunity, even if I were to get a court order to remedy the problem. Then the following week he tells me, when I am talking to him about putting my son back on Doxycycline and the subject came up again, that maybe in 6 mo who knows... Then today my son comes home and tells me that the Dr. told his mom he would be taking the Doxycycline for a month and then he could go back on the Accutane. As she refuses to share any info at all with me, I don't really know if the third part is true or not. The first two versions however, I heard directly from the Dr. Now of course, in researching this, I have read so much that was not in the hand outs from ipledge, that I'm not sure he should even BE taking it at all, but that is another issue. My question right now is, does anyone know if there is a standard policy by the FDA (or anyone else for that matter) regarding someone getting back on Accutane once their Dr. reports them as non-compliant? Does anyone have any experience with this situation?? :wall: Thanks!

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I do not know what the FDA regulations state in this type of situation. The best advice I can give is to call the toll free number (1-866-495-0654 Monday to Saturday, 9 AM - 12 AM (Midnight) ET) and ask one of the representatives there. Someone that actually works for iPledge will know the specifics better than the dermatologist.

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