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I suffered from cystic acne when I was 14, and basically had cysts on top of nodules (conglobata acne?). Being in school, I was always scrutinized by my fellow classmates, even people who were "friends" back before I got my acne. I got put on accutane and my cysts/nodules seemed to double in size. I looked like f*cking elephant man... Eventually, after seeing my dermatologist drain these cysts with a surgical scalpel, I decided I had enough of this sh*t. So being young and stupid, and nearly suffering a mental breakdown, I took a fingernail file with a point on it, and tried to drain my own acne cysts.

This was my fatal error. When a doctor says to not touch your acne cysts, DON'T DO IT. Don't even think about it. Let the Accutane do its work, even though you will look like a deformed monster temporarily. At least it wont result in you looking like a permanently disfigured monster... I'm now almost age 21 and my cheeks are grossly disfigured from deep scars. My skin can never be the same, no matter what the treatment.

*moderator edit* thinking about how I could have prevented my disfigurement. But now I just have to live the rest of my life with scars. So pelase, no matter what your face looks like.

Don't touch it

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Deep scars? D: How deep would you say they are? I've never picked at my skin and I still get scarring that, at least to me, seem pretty deep. I've never taken a file point to my face, though I have thought of it, but could you elaborate on the deepness of your scars? There should be things that can at least improve the overall look of your scars.

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