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okay, this is personal. someone help please.

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okay, basically i have mild to moderate acne as stated already. lol. but i have many scars, and an occasional terrible pimple, and the usual tiny pimples & blackheads.

my issue is that i've been through so many products and yet to find a "miracle". i can only say out of experience that benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, and tazorac (with scars) only work. & salicylic acid makes things by far worst.

although, i have used products from :

-proactiv (worked to an extent but irritated skin)

-clean & clear ( no help )

-clearasil (no help)

-murad (irritated severely, no help at all)

-the body shop tea tree oil (made worst)

-boscia (caused cystic acne)

-dr. brandt (caused cystic acne & big pimples)

-neutrogena (no help)

-acnefree (No help)

-zapzyt (no help)


so please anyone with suggestions.

i'm currently using :

-kate sommerville gentle wash

-ddf 5% b.p. with tea tree oil

-Claudie vinoperfect serum

-cetaphil moisturizer

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Unfortunately, there is no miracle cure for acne, even as much as it kills us. It's so cruel, too, that so many products DO tout themselves as miracles, and only wind up setting us up for disappointment after disappointment.

But I can tell you that you are not alone, and we have all found our way here, to this site, in exactly the same kind of desperation that you are feeling right now. Please, keep sharing, we are listening.

As far as practical advice goes, I've found SA only makes my skin worse, too. You've noted that BP works, have you thought about Dan's regimen? Many people with sensitive skin have reported good success on it.

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i have considered his regimen although all the b.p. makes my skin very irrated. i was considering max clarity, but the toner had s.a. but the idea of foam is very pleasant.

i dont know if its worth the try.

but thank you for your help.=)

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bp really irritated my skin also. I think Dan has a good regimen, but it's not for everyone.

You could experiment with natural methods that some people swear by - like the egg white mask or the honey mask.

I've been dealing with moderate acne for over 5 years. I've a lot of the same products you've tried, as well as antibiotics and laser therapy.

The only things that have worked for me are: green smoothies, supplements, and jojoba oil.

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