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Topical or Drug Treatment

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Would you rather the cure for acne be a topical treatment or a drug?

As for me, I'm not sure... I'm skeptical about topical treatments because I know acne begins internally; but who wants to be on a drug for the rest of their life?? They do have a lot of long-term side effects, as well....

What is your opinion? :think:

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Omg, I know what you mean. I think that it's not a good idea to go on a drug for acne, as tempting as it may be. Using it for the rest of your life will most likely do some damage internally.

But then I wonder if it might not be as bad as breaking down your skin by using topical after topical...? I'm pretty confused.

Accutane is the worst deal for females. No matter what. Being on birth control is terrible to do to yourself. I think that even though it works for most people, they should realize that it's actually NOT a good product if you to get acne 2x worse when you go off of the stuff. So that means once you're on it, there's no going back... or it's like getting a puss bomb getting dropped on your face. Ouch. Not to mention seriously screwing up your body...

So I'm just treating my face gently, taking vitamins, and (trying to) drink water more. Also, when your I'm not going out anywhere, I avoid the mirrors and don't make myself over that day except basic grooming. The mirror thing reduces my stress level :shifty: .

So yeah, Accutane is just like putting on a mask. You eventually have to take it off.

Oh! One more thing, after you go off of Accutane (or the money for the liquid gold runs out) say, in your forties, do you think that you'll get all the acne back that you've been hiding over the years? That would really suck.

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I tried topical and unfortunetly it didnt work for me :( I was really against the use of Accutane... untill I got engaged... which then led to my wedding date happening this summer! I kept trying different products, facial peels, diet change and Nothing worked for me!!! On my wedding I wanted to be clear of acne considering its my most magical day ever and like I want to look in the mirror and see freakin' acne the morning of my wedding!!! Soooo, I went on accutane! I am done my course in one week and have been free of acne for about a month! Pretty wicked to wake up in the morning with no zits :) You know.. you really have to research this drug and discuss it with those closest to you! I was lucky and had no real side effects from it!!! Your body will tell you what to do!!

Remember follow your gut feeling, its usually right ;)

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For some reason, people get down on topical treatments. I also believe that acne starts within, but I also know that topicals can be very effective. Let's take BP, for example. It kills the bacteria that causes acne. That's an important reason as to why acne forms in the first place. Another thing BP does is to keep pores clear since it's a mild peeling agent, which should keep acne from forming as much. Acne is a combination of the p.acne bacteria, dead skin cells, and of course, sebum. So, BP combats two of those. Tea tree oil (what I use) kills P.acnes and keeps pores clear. I put the TTO in aloe vera gel, which aids the skin in healing and repairing.

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