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Old Chicken Pox Scars

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Hi everyone,

I have chicken pox scars on my face, about 14 in total. I got them when I was a child and they have long healed over leaving deep round boxcar type scarring on my forehead and cheeks. The thing about my scars is that some are shallow and less obvious. I can live with those, but the deeper ones I have never gotten used to.

I'm from SW Florida and decided to see a local dermatologist about my scars. She reccommended that I have the Palomar Lux 1540 Fraxtional Laser instead. I was prepared for questions about excision and was caught off guard. I should have asked other questions regarding the Fraxel, but couldn't think of any at the time. She wants to avoid any invasive techniques and estimated a 80% improvement in the cheeks and 50% for the forehead. The forehead and a deeper scar between the eyes being the most challanging. I'm just wondering why having excision then fraxel wouldn't be better. I don't know how serious excision is and if the results are risky.

Has anyone had Fraxel or excision or both. I could really use some advice. Is this a good treatment option or is she pushing the Fraxel on me. Would it be best to see if I'm happy with the Fraxel results first? And, are the Fraxel results permanent or temporary? Once I do this can I still try excision techniques. Oh, $650. a session! 3- 5 sessions total! Does this sound right?

I know this is quite a bit of info. I would really appreciate any advice that might be out there.

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Tks, for the reply. I am going to do that.

Just hoping there might be someone out there with some inside knowledge. I am very excited/anxious. I do feel very confident in this doctor's abilities. I am just naturally cautious and reaching out to others in similair situation.

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