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Busty StClaire

I know its gross, but I need help

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So, I'm totally freaking out right now.

About a week ago I noticed that it was really uncomfortable between my butt cheeks. Mostly when I was walking long distances. Not like itchy, but like I needed to readjust my unders. I figured that I was just getting irritated from shaving and then sweating or something like that. I had my BF look, and he said he didn't see anything weird, but it continued to be more and more uncomfortable to the point where I haven't worn unders in 2 days, and haven't shaved in a week. It feels like a chafing or razor burn, and now it looks like the little red bumps I have on the backs of my hands from the accutane. They are located about an inch from the hole, and there are probably 8 splotchy really small red spots on one side, and 5 on the other.

I went to my normal Dr yesterday, and he didn't have much to say. He cultured it, and said there weren't any white blood cells, or yeast. And said that he knows nothing of the effects of accutane, and actually sent the culture to the lab for a HERPES test! I'm totally freaking out, and have read everything there is to read on herpes, and they don't look like them, and I don't have a fever, chills, or body aches. AND I have beed with the same person for 2 years!

The Dr. says the labs won't be back until Tuesday, and I can't wait that long. I'm about to drive myself crazy. I can't eat or sleep.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm just REALLY hoping that it is a common thing that no one really talks about because of the area. And since the skin in so sensitive from the accutane, the bumps appear in this area?

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It certainly doesn't sound like any STD, so I wouldn't worry about that! If you are on Tane, then it could be that - tane thins the skin, makes everything very dry, and thus much easier to get irritated, especially from clothes and sitting and moving and all that. (The butt's actually a pretty active area, so irritation can happen quite easily there!)

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