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Day 23 of Spiro..

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So i was expecting to see better results now that i'm on spiro for over 3 weeks and i am still getting clogged pores in my chin area. I'm not sure what to think. I'm only on 50mg once a day. I'm due to go back to my dr so maybe she'll increase it. My cheeks are not clogged at all and my nose is better but the area from the corners of my mouth down toward my chin are small congested bumps. They seem to be more apparent and raised and white after I wash my face. I then need to use an extractor to get the sebum out. Any thoughts?

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Just going on what I have read on the boards re: Spiro, I think you need to give it more time. Other users have reported up to a 4 month timeframe to see results.

I am on Day 30 of taking 50 mgs a day & my skin is still horrible. I am not breaking out as frequently as I was before Spiro but its still horrible. I am content to ride it out though & see if it has any better effects after another month or two. I see my derm at the end of May & I will ask him then if he can bump me up to 100mg per day.

You mentioned doing that too - 25mg is not an awful lot. Maybe it would be a good idea to get it upped to 50 or 75mg.

Good luck ;)

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thanks Cubbymom on keeping me positive as it is very hard. I feel as though I have not seen one thing that works. Like you said, I'm only on Spiro for 26 days now and I guess I was hoping for miracles after reading some posts where several people saw an oil production in 2wks...As my skin problems mainly consist of major clogged pores in my chin area i guess it might take a little longer. Are you taking any supplements with the spiro? I'm taking iron, D3, ACV tablets, Nicotinamide supplements, & Oracea. I was taking Saw Palmetto but I was afraid I was drying out my skin too much as it is also an anti androgen like the spiro. I am less dry since I stopped it 5 days ago...

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