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Should I go back on?

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So I was on accutane for the normal 5 month period last year. After that, I was perfectly clear until about a month ago (which would make it about 7 months since I stopped.)

Now the acne is back, not 100% as bad as it was, but it's pretty close. I'm now stuck between the idea of going back and trying again, or just waiting it out and hoping I grow out of it.

I'm currently 18 and I have acne all along my jaw line where I have facial hair, and I do occasionally get breakouts on my forehead. Almost all of the acne I once had on my nose and upper cheeks seems to be gone for good. I don't know much about acne, but is there a good chance I'll grow out of it any time soon?

So yea, now that I've typed far more then you probably wanted to read, I just want to know what you think. Should I:

A. wait it out and hope I grow out of acne


B. get back on Accutane

Oh and if I were to go back on accutane, would I have a much higher percentage of staying permanently clear after wards? Or is there a chance I'd end up in this exact same place a year from now.

EDIT: Since I'm new to this site I hadn't read about the Regimen. Now that I've read up on it, I'm curious as to whether you think it could work for me? I can't help but feel that half the success stories are from people who only had very minor acne to begin with. I've tried all the other dermatologist perscribed creams but they did nothing.

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Going through the same thing man. My acne isn't nearly as bad as it was before but its starting to come back and has been slowly starting to come back since like Feburary. I was perfectly clear for like 10 months. I didn't have to worry about a thing had all the confidence in the world. Only used Cetaphil Cleanser and Moisutrizer. Didn't have to worry about my face one bit. Well now Its starting to come back. Mostly white heads and just little bumps but its still noticeable IMO.

Went to the derm she said she wasn't going to put me back on Accutane yet because it wasn't bad enough and gave me Financea which hasn't done much. I have been expirementing with my diet but haven't seen much of an affect. I reall wish I could go back to when I didn't have to care about my skin now I look in the mirror every hour just to see If i got a new one. Kind of frustrating.

My acne is prob 10-15% of what it use to be but that number continues to grow and I would like to get back on Accutane before it is full blown again. I go back something in late June. Hopefully I can talk the derm into leting me back on it.

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