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acne and endocrine system

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hello board this is Rene. I am writing because i wanted to maybe give some information about things that may help lessen cystic acne.

I dont know much about cause of cystic acne aside from interrelationship between hormones skin type stuff like that.

But here is something interesting. Maybe it help maybe not...

So your face is oily or you have acne partly because of hormones right??

hormones are regulated by endocrine system. if somethings wrongs with endocrine system that could cause imbalance of hormones and lead to bad acne.

more and more products today use very strange chemicals and endocrine disruptors that affect the body, especially in America were little or no regulations are in products. waht does this mean? maybe look at everyday exposure to things you use and how itmay be affecting you!

for example Bisphenol A (found in all tin cans like soup and corn) phthalates (in many many plastics like toys water bottles food bottles etc) flame retardants (found in mattresses clothes couches chairs sheets computers tvs you name it) and non-stick pots and pans with teflon coating all are endocrine disruptors. I dont know if there is any connection but maybe if you overexpose yourself to certain things...it can affect disrupt your endocrine system and lead to worse acne.

perhaps if one limit exposure to certain things it can lead to less problems with acne...

i dont know if this is true but it seem logical to me to be part of problem.


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