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A question about the burning sensation

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Hi everyone! I was curious, I've been on the regimen for almost two weeks, and everything is fine. My question is;

It started that the BP would not have any sensation at all, and applying the Moisturizer would have a slight burning feeling that would dissipate after a few minutes. Now, the burning from the moisturizer is getting weaker and weaker, but the BP is beginning to leave a slight burning feeling which goes away after a few minutes.

Is this normal? Am I just over-reacting?

I'm using everything from acne.org. Dan's products all the way!

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It may be that now that you've been on The Regimen for a few weeks, your skin is a bit dry and irritated, and when you're applying the BP, your skin is reacting to it a little. I've noticed that even after almost two years on The Regimen, if my skin's particularly dry or irritated, the BP stings a bit when I apply it. Most of the time, though, it's just fine (and actually kind of soothing) to put on.

It should subside for the most part as your skin continues to adjust.

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Yeah.. sometimes my skin reacts to the BP or sometimes to the moisturizer, maybe both! sometimes it hardly burns at all. So i'm not really sure what it would change. hopefully my skin is just adjusting :) I'm in week 4 and my skin is super sensitive, so i'm barely using half the BP dose, but my skin's getting used to it without too much burning. sometimes i don't mind the burning and just tell myself it's because it's "working" ;)

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