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Hydroxycut and Acne?!?!

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So I have been taking Hydroxycut for about a month now...After getting back from Australia, I started taking Minocyclin Anti-biotics again because they worked on me before. However I was working outside in a dirty place and I assumed that's what got my acne worst, but now that i think about it, I'm thinking it couldddd have been right around when I started taking Hydroxycut...I thought if I took my antibiotics with them it would work but now I am thinking, could it be over the Hydroxycut?

I have started going to the gym for the past week also which got it even WORST.

I sweat alot at the gym, however everyday riggght after the gym I hop in the steam room (in hopes of it clearning out my dirt and oil) then I shower with Neutregina Acne Body Wash...and I rinse off in the end of my shower with Cool/warm water to close my pores...after my showers I apply Clinique Benzoyl Peroxide bacne spray... And MY GOD nothing helps... I mean I WANT to go to the gym andddd get fittt and i was extremely exicted about this but NOW MY SKIN is acting up and Ughhh I am just soooooooo SAD over it. I know stress can cause it to become worst but it just came out of nowehre and its SOOO GROSSSS and visible.

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YES! So yes! Or at least I think so like you. I'm 26, I don't really break out these days but about a month ago I was doing a cut and started taking some Hydroxycut Hardcore. Only did it for about a week and a half but STILL my face is completed covered with pimples. And BIG ones, almost cyst like. Can't remember the last time it was ever this bad, its been years and years. I'm pretty sure it was the Hydroxycut. I'm still waiting for it to pass since I'm still getting a new one here or there.

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