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Gentle non-comedogenic scarring treatment after accutane?

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I finish my accutane in 6 more days! Yay! Life will feel weird without having to take those pills anymore. One gets so used to it! So, I am wondering which treatment I could use to get rid of the red marks. I have many red marks all over my face. They're not pronounced or very defined, but they're there. My complexion is overall red/rosy and pale at the same time. I believe that overall redness goes away after accutane, but what about the blemishes?

I don't want anything clogging my pores and bringing back the acne, so is there something out there that is gentle that I can use? Also, nothing expensive, please! For example, I've been looking at Palmer's Eventone line, but they're creams and cleansers and stuff. I'm very comfortable with the regime I've got right now and I'm scared to change it up with something new that I am unsure about.

Also, out of topic, while I've been on Accutane, I wash my face with cetaphil to unclog pores and then wash with Panoxyl BP 10% wash. I do this everynight and I don't put anything else on my face (creams, ect); just Aquaphor on the lips. So, I don't do anything in the morning... is this a bad thing? I've been thinking that after Accutane I'll start washing my face with Cetaphil in the morning.

Thoughts about all this?

Thanks for reading!

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I think you will need to play this by ear a bit and see how your skin is adjusting/changing after you have completed your course of accutane. When you notice the oil production increasing and your skin is not as dry, then adjust your routine accordingly. By the same token, I would not attempt to use anything to reduce scarring until your skin is pretty much back to normal (ie not so sensitive). Most anti-redness/anti scar treatments can be harsh. If you are looking for a cheap method, I have had great success in the past with lemon juice. Beware though, that some skin cannot tolerate it. Try diluted juice on a cotton ball applied to the scar (must be fresh juice, not the bottled kind). It is a bleach of sorts and will fade the marks. You can leave it on for 30 mins or so and wash off, or you can leave it on overnight. Don't apply it during the day and then go in the sun!!

Hope that helps and good luck :)

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