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Benzaclin, Tretinoin 0.05%, and Minocycline

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Hey Everyone!!

I've battled with acne for most of my teens (and now into my 20s) and hearing all of your stories has really helped me! I actually cleared up about 2 years ago using tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide. Unfortunately, the stress of school has caused me to recently break out even worse than before. I have a few cysts (it looks like about 4) and many smaller little red bumps.

I went to my dermatolagist and he put me on the following regimen a month ago:

2 100 mg capsules of minocycline

Benzaclin in the morning

Tretoinin cream (0.05%) at night

I am also trying to stop touching my face and drinking coffee (WHICH IS SO HARD!!) I'm also trying to cut out any fried or over-processed food.

So far, I have noticed a reduction in the size of new pimples and they seem to heal a lot faster. I think I'm going through the "initial breakout" phase right now!

I thought I'd include pictures of my face to track my progress! I hope this regimen works!


Thanks so much for reading!!!


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Hey everyone!

So....small update.

I was doing really well, but then I had a menstrual breakout :( Thankfully, it's healing very quickly! I also switched spot treatments with BP to tea tree oil, which seems to be working a lot better for me!

The breakout was a bit discouraging though. Does anyone have tips for combating/preventing those pesky menstrual breakouts?


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My school work and medical school prep have consumed my life! I haven't posted in so long!!!

Basically, I am on Day 59of my regimen. I've been through some ups and downs, but for the most part my skin is clearing up. I currently have only 5 little bumps on my face, the rest is all pigmentation. The flakiness has also reduced significantly, although the parts that are broken out are a little flakier than the rest of my face.

I've received a lot of comments from friends that my face is clearing up, which really helps my self-esteem and motivation :D

I've been trying to eat better lately, but sometimes its hard when you're stressed and all you want is an unhealthy indulgence :/

I've also ALMOST stopped drinking coffee. I'm trying to stick to tea...but alas, I am only human. I'm also trying a deep breathing exercise in the evenings while I'm doing work to help me relax and reduce stress! What's hardest for me right now is to AVOID TOUCHING MY FACE. It's like a compulsion...I don't even think about doing it :(

I'm also not wearing make up most days, which has also been hard. I used to wear make up EVERYDAY. Now I only wear it once a week or on special occasions. I guess if anything...this is a lesson in how to appreciate true beauty a bit more and to not be so vain with cosmetics in the future.

Well...I'm at the two month mark and things are looking up!! One more month left of the trial period, wish me luck!!

Here are some updates pictures...sorry...the lighting is really bad





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