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What kind of Acne is this??

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I'm new here and have been having a hard time with acne recentley. Let me tell you just a bit about me so you have an idea. I never experienced teenage acne. I'm not sure weather its because I just didn't experience it or weather its because I tanned from the age of 15 - 22 religiosly. Either way when I stopped tanning at age 22 I started to get occassional breakouts but not bad enough to start a regimn....infact most of of the pimples were just bumps on my forehead with no coloring at all and could only be seen if you really got up close and personal. Well now I have red bumps on my forehead and chin. I think I killed my skin because I used so many products in the past few weeks. I have also recently started tanning again not only to try and clear the acne but because I really miss how I looked with a nice golden color....l know all the bad things about tanning so no need to lecture :)

As I said I think I irritated my skin using to many differant cleaners and products and went to the DR. today, I also thought I had Rosacea because of the red tones on my cheeks and forehead. He gave me a hydrocortosone cream 2.5% and I've applied it twice so far so alot of the redness on my forehead has gone down which is great! I am not using any of the products I recently used and am taking a break from the tanning bed through the weekend to see what results I get using the cream and just Cetaphil Gentle Face Wash.

I would like to know what kind of acne this is? And what type of product works best? BP or SA?

Products I have recently used:

3 weeks ago

Nuetrogena Oil Free Gentle Grapefruit Wash

Nuetrogena Gentle Scrub (has BHA in it)

Nuetrogena Alchohol Free Toner

Just switched to this and have stopped and now using Cetaphil

Acne Free Moisterizer with Tea Tree Oil

Loreal 360 Face Wash

Any help would be very appreciated!







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hmmm this looks alot like my forehead - could this be what I have???

Anyone have any information regarding it?

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That looks alot like mild or the beginning of Rosacea. Unless the redness showed up after you applied all the products?

Hydrocortisone cream is really not good for the skin on the face at all, take care when using that. It can cause it to permanently thin out. It really broke my skin down. The cortisone cream aggravated the broken caps around my nose.

Purpose is a really good cleanser, if u find that the Cetaphil is not helping your breakouts, making them worse or leaving you feeling like your skin still has gunk on it. Cetaphil made mine worse. Purpose is very gentle but cleanses really well.

When I first got my acne, it looked just like what u have, almost identical and I never had acne in my life, it hit me at 32. Derm said I had/have mild Rosacea and moderate acne, although she did not tell me what type of acne mine is. I have gotten a few small cyst-like ones. When mine first busted out I was so upset, I freaked and put all kinds of crap on it and "killed" it. Have you considered trying an oral anti-biotic? It really helped me out quite a bit. I am not 100% clear but the anti-biotic makes it more manageable. Have u had your hormones and thyroid checked? It is best if the doctors rule out possible underlying causes of the acne. Best wishes to you.

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see thats so wierd my dr said it didnt look like rosacea to him but to me it does, I specifically asked and that was my motivation to see the dr. in the first place. I had my thyroid checked about 2 years ago and it was fine. Its probably time for another blood work though to see if there are any problems.

I did use pupose as well but I got that really tight feeling with it. I still have some so I can use it instead of the Cetaphil if it doesn't help.

Thanks for the info.

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