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Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself and get some support. I got OK'd for accutane by my dermatologist on March 31st, but then I had to wait to start birth control on April 11th, then I got my 1st blood tests done on April 14th. Now I am just waiting 28 days (seems like FOREVER) to take my second blood tests (stupid iPledge) and then I can finally start accutane around May 14th.

24 year old female. I have had moderate persistent acne for about eight years. I have tried many things: acne.org regimen, carley's, proactiv, birth control, diet, antibiotics... Yaz cleared it very well for the 2 years I was on it, then when I went off Yaz last June, my face broke out soooo (10x worse) bad about a month later & I have been dealing with this constant broken out skin for almost 9 months. I generally like the way I look and I think I am beautiful, but I have not been ale to feel pretty these passed 9 months. It has really negatively effected my entire life. I am at a point right now where I have hope that things will get better once I get started on accutane. I am just really impatient and cry like every other day because this is the longest 28 days of my life (add drama).

Any suggestions on how to keep my mind off my skin for the next three weeks? Thanks.

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Hey girl, I know how you are feeling, Im about to turn 24 next month- and I can't stand another day with this acne. I just finished Day 5 of my treatment.....during my waiting period, I focused on enjoying all the things I would not be able to enjoy once I started the medication- alcohol and sunshine! I drank wine with every meal and went walking in the park and enjoyed the Spring weather- I recommend that you do the same.

Also, I heard it was a good prep for your body to start taking Omega 3 Fish Oil....so I started taking that, and bought aquafor and started putting that on all the time (to get myself in the habit).

Best of luck!

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I remember when I was in the 30-day waiting period, and it seemed like it went by so SLOWLY. I don't know how to make it go by any faster, but I can tell you that after you get past your first week or so of Accutane, time will definitely start to fly by!

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Hey! Congrats on getting approved for accutane. :)

I totally feel you, the waiting is a huge pain, but it definitely will be worth it. Just think, by the end of the summer, you should be clear! (It definitely helps me to focus on a goal/ time I hope I will be cleared up by.) I had the exact same experience with YAZ, and I'm still not sure whether going on it or going off it was the stupider move.. either way, going on accutane is definitely a smart move!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the support everyone! Things are starting to get better. Only 17 days 'til I get 2nd blood tests! I figured, this is one of those things I have NO control over, and I can either wallow in self pity and hate every minute while I am waiting to start accutane, or I can accept that I have acne now, but I will NOT have acne for much longer. I had a wonderful past couple of days focusing on things I enjoy: spending time with friends and boyfriend, yoga, walking, reading, and watching grey's anatomy.

I am acting as if I am already on accutane, so my body can get used to it better. I have been drinking lots of water, taking omega-3 (I have actually been taking that for 2 months to help w/dry skin b/c I live in the high desert), always having chapstick on me, putting lotion on when I get out of the shower, and using Neutrogena spf 85 on my face when I go outside.

I heard since accutane is a vitamin-A derivative, thus fat-soluble, it is most effective to take with a fatty meal. I have read a lot of people take it with peanut butter. What do you suggest? What does your derm say?

Again, thanks so much to the three ladies that have commented so far. I don't feel like I am going through this alone anymore. This community is wonderful. I should have utilized it years ago!

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Fine-a-friggin-lee. I got my first prescription of Amnesteem today! YAY!!! The waiting period was the longest 30 days of my life. (acyually longer than that b/c I was not on bc prior to my first derm visit and I had to wait to start that, then wait to take the 1st preg test, then wait 28 days to take the 2nd preg test). I would also like to add that I feel my intelligence was insulted today by the stooopid iPledge comprehension questions. Now only 6 months to go. It should go by fast. I was just thinking earlier about where I was 6 months ago.

I can't believe my derm started me out at 60mg. I thought she was gonna start me at 20 or 40 and work me up to 60. I weigh about 125 lbs (57 kg). I trust her judgement and I read about how you need to take over a certain amout over the course of your treatment to achieve permanent results. So, in the long run, the increased risk of getting an initial breakout and harsher side effects are not that bad, if in return after 6 months I will be acne-free forever.

I feel like I got gas after taking the pill tonight with dinner. Is that common? Or maybe it was just what I ate.

I took pictures today and I plan on taking pictures of my progress probably weekly (I just want to wait to see improvement to post them up here). I also wanted to share with you all (since I won't be showing the "before pictures" to any of my friends or my boyfriend because none of them have seem me w/o makeup since my skin got bad about 9 months ago) that something really interesting happened w/one of the pictures I took. I took a few shots from in front of my face and a few side profiles. Well, one of the side profiles has this streak of light going from one end of the frame to the other. I will post the picture later and you can see for yourself. It could have just been my flash (I don't know too much about cameras), it it is kinda cool and a lil creepy.

Anywho, take care everyone. I will be posting pretty regularly.

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When do people usually start noticing effects of accutane? I weigh 57 kg and I'm starting on 60mg. I don't notice anything yet, except my nose is dry and I'm waking up with bloody boogers (gross, I know).

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Still patiently waiting for something, anything, to happen. I think my face has gotten more oily since starting accutane. It looks worse too, and jawline and cheeks are completely broken out/red marked. My eyes and nose are a lil dry and I think my lips might be getting dry, but nothing significant. I've been reading others' logs where they said their skin got more oily first and then started to dry, so hopefully this will be my last breakout EVER and my skin will start turning around soon.

When did y'all start noticing effects?

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