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which sunscreen to use?

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I've been using the Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer SPF 15, and while its a good moisturizer, my face still feels vulnerable to sun burns. Can someone recommend me a good sunscreen? I'm not sure which ones to use or not use and which product is non-comedogenic, etc etc. Thanks!

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My boyfriend has been using the Cetaphil SPF 15 lotion that you are using, and he likes it a lot. For SPF 15 I use a light Kiehl's moisturizer that I've used for years. For this summer I've just bought us both to try a Neutrogena SPF 30 that was his derm's recommendation recently. So far I've just tried a little bit on my hand, and it feels real light and not greasy at all. It's called Neutogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer (untinted) with SPF 30. His derm recommended it highly. Good luck! S4s

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I use z-silc on my face - its spf 30


It is pricey - but I only use it on my face. The rest of my body (the parts that haven't been destroyed with years of BP and retin-a) can handle my less expensive sunscreens (no-ad, whatever) just fine.

I only started using the z-silc in the last couple months, so I don't know if it will be enough for florida summer sun. I did quite a bit of researching on sunscreens before I bought it, and I remember I thought this would be a good one because it blocks all the different kinds of rays, while some sunscreens only block certain types of rays and don't protect against others. Sorry I don't have links or sources to back myself up, but I did my sunscreen research/shopping months ago and have stuck with the z-silc since I first tried it. Its working great for me! Doesn't cause breakouts or redness or irritation (amazing for me).

I will be reapplying allll throughout the day if I go outside this summer! especially once I start accutane. oh boy.

You know what I'm kind of worried about? I am going to a 3day festival on the beach the weekend before my next derm appt (where I get my 1st prescription). I am so pale, even if I apply sunscreen 10 times throughout the day, after 3 full days on a beach I am going to be red. I'm gonnna bring a hat so my face might not be too bad, but the rest of my body..... :/

And then I have to walk into my dermatologists office to get the most photosensitizing drug ever hahhaha.

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