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Every vitamin supposedly helps getting rid of acne!

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Seriously, type any vitamin or mineral + Acne on google and each and everyone of them supposedly helps in fighting acne.

Considering the little amount of actual studies that have been done about acne, I'm guessing a lot of those claims are actually based on very little scientific proofs.

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Switch your google to google scholar, usually in the drop down menu under "more" at the top of the page.

This changes the results to mostly scientific journal entries. Click on one and usually there is a paragraph summary stating the method and results.

Things to consider before you assume somethings works just because an experiment result was possitive are;

What was the method? (research into various methods of scientific study such as double blind placebo etc)

How many people were involved in the study?

How long did the study go for?

What age, social/econnomical status, race etc were the people? (if the study was done on 50 year old asian males and your a 20 year old caucasian female then the study doesnt really apply to you lol)

How healthy were the people to begin with?

Who funded/carried out the study? (check for biased)

Was the study on humans, animals or in vitro (in a test tube)?

Basically use common sense...if a study on how chocolate is good for you was done on animals, only went for 2 weeks and was funded by hersheys then its not as reliable as a study done on 1000 humans from all different backgrounds ages and races which went for one year and used a double blind placebo method.

A lot of work just to get to the truth but we all have to start taking responsibility for our health :)

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well you do need every vitamin anyways.

no more or no less just because you have acne though.

you need them all, no one vitami nis more important then the other, its us humans that have identified these substances in nature and seperated them, they all come in food.

while we are at it, we need the fiber that is also in the same food with the vitamins.

so i guess food helps fight acne. hehe.

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