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i was doing fine , i got a job an am getting up on my feet again , then i catch a glimpse of my face in broad daylight and its so overwhelmingly depressing, my face looks so bad , especially where theres redness and indented scars, who am i kidding? i look bloody awful. it took me a good twenty minutes to grasp that ive been walking around like this for so long, ive basically been depressing in bed for 8 hours since then, ive bought an led array+ 1.5 roller recently but i still have to buy the other stuff and i really cant right now becasue my family is hounding me for money so im really working for nothing as well , and that already is very stressful

i'm not blowing things out of proportion , my face is bad , its really bad. im not one of those pussies who comes on here complaining then he has something trivial like an ice pick or 1 zit , shallow cun*s. and i've lived with it but its starting to get to me , i want a normal life i don't want to endure this any longer im so tired its been 5 years now, i just dont know how to cope with it really , how do you? its your face..

maybe i should quit work and become a hermit again for another few years , yeh thatll be awesome.

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just get on social security.

what the , how is that even relevant? i WANT to work and be productive , i don't wanna go on welfare. how will going on welfare help?

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you said yourself it would be awesome to become a hermit. you get food stamps, free health insurance and a 600 dollar check a month, why not?

i want more out of life then to live in meniality, im an auditor why would i want to go on welfare... i was just venting , or maybe youre trying to be euphemistic , or you're just inherently stupid, in any case thanks for the advice.

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That's a great mentality, FakY! I also noticed your thread on msn (it's old, I know). If you still want to talk, just PM me.

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