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Try it for 3 weeks then post your results.  

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  1. 1. Did excersie eliminate your acne?

    • Yes, its completly gone
    • not completely, but it has been reduced substantially
    • there has been no change after 3 weeks of excersise
    • I've decided i'd rather have acne then excesise

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I've tried everything in the past from different soaps to different medications. None of it worked. In the last few months I have discovered a completely natural completely successful cure for acne. (my acne is whiteheads, i'm not sure if this would work for other ance problems)

Basically all you need to do is go for a run either a short run every morning or a slightly longer run every other day.

My new excersise regimn is to run about 8km every other day, and to reduce the oiliness of my skin I still wash my face twice a day (I use Dove if that makes a difference).

All in all I believe that excersise has fixed the problem. If there was something wrong with pH balance, or some other chemical issue, excersise seems to have balanced everything out.

Personaly I believe the only reason this has never been advertised is because acne companies would loose money if this got out. A healthy lifestyle = no acne, is my discovery.

Good luck everyone, I hope you have as much success as I have.

P.S. the more I ran the faster the acne seemed to have disapeared. Also it will not work instantly, your body will need time to ajust to your new lifestyle. But after a few weeks of running you will notice a much clearer complexion.

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I do think it will work but only for small amount of people. The body is getting acne for a few reasons; skin is dirty, skin is sensitive, stress, and inner body is detox.

The reason your skin is getting better is because your inner body is not strong enough to detox the bacteria therefor it decide to release it through the skin. When you run, you basically strengthen you inner body to digest the bacteria and release with shit.

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I run four miles every other day and so far my acne is the same, so it probably doesn't work for everyone.

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