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MY Accutane Experience.

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I used to have SEVERE acne. I had every type of pimple possible, especially the nodules. I had acne from 6th grade to freshman year of college. I've tried EVERY regimen. Birth control pills, creams, topicals, steroid creams, face washes, prescription drugs, over the counter and prescription EVERYTHING. Nothing helped. When my dermatologist told me about Accutane, I was scared. I considered it, but when I was told of the side effects and saw the BOOK as the brochure, I decided to decline it. I thought those symptoms were just not worth it at all, and maybe my acne wasn't THAT bad to the point where I would risk my health. I thought I would just grow out of it, but I never did. It literally took me a year to come to a final decision, and that's whenever my acne was just persistent. I was just sick of being an adult and having pretty bad acne. Honestly, I used to cry about it all the time.

The first two months of accutane, I broke out, but that was typical since it is pushing everything up to the surface. By the third month, I was getting pretty clear. I had ZERO symptoms, except for two mild nosebleeds and dry/cracked lips, but those were easy to get rid of. I also washed my face with cetaphil the whole time. I had such a good reaction to this medication that I was taken off of it early. I was only on it for 6 months, and the doctor recommended ~8 or so for a full course. For the last two months of the course, I did not have a single breakout. I had a few tiny pimples that would last less than 3 days. I loved it. I also took care of myself on the medication by taking the pill WITH food. I try to limit eating bad food anyways, so my triglycerides/test results weren't bad.

3rd month after completing the course, I started to get some acne blemishes. I'm not sure if it was because I screwed up my birth control cycle or if I was relapsing. I didn't want to get back on Accutane since that medication is already tough on the organs. I ordered NEUTROGENA'S SKIN ID. That stuff works. I highly recommend both accutane (for severe acne) and neutrogena's skin ID (AFTER accutane, of course).

Now, my face is CLEAR. My face is soooooo smooth, and my dark pigmentation from old acne is fading. It looks like I never ever had severe acne at all. I would recommend these products to people who have bad acne. I mean, I've never had the crazy side effects. I was getting compliments on my skin by the 3rd month, and people said my skin had improved then. Now, I get even more compliments by people who have seen my old condition. I am thankful everyday for my improved skin.

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