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Different Laser Technology is cheaper and leaser downtine.. HELP!

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Hello community. My name is Julio and this is my first post on this message board. I have been dealing with acne for about 5 years and even after 3 years of Dans regiment but things dont seem 2 to stay the same. I have finally decided to try Laser Resurfacing and hope that is makes a drastic change in my facial appearance, but I need some insight about lasers and post effects. I mostly have scars from ingrowing hairs and a occasional pimple. My concern is choosing the right treatment.

I been doing just a little research for treatments around my area and found a different kind of laser claiming less downtime as well as no bleeding and a cheaper alternative.

This laser is called the "WHISPER NG" using Extended Ablation technology or Er:YAG laser.

[http://www.sandstonemedicaltechnologies.com/whisper.php ]

Here is the website of the location of were I plan to go if I do go forward with this treatment.

[http://www.ayouthfulreflection.com/laser-skin-resurfacing/ ]

It claims to charge only $400 for full face.

I want to see if any other memebers can tell me is this is a better alternative to CO2 lasers or any other kind of laser. I want the best results but im only willing to pay up to $800 only for 1 treatment. Im looking to have the least downtime and healing time. Would any of you recomend this or anything else?.. Please help me because i do plan to go thru with this in less then a Month. Any suggestion is appreciated. THANK YOU

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