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A Tangible Difference in Attitude and Mood

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I think that many people without acne associate the desire for clear skin with the desire for money - that the need will never be satiated, that even as beautiful skin is approached other insecurities about appearance will be revealed in said person and that in general, those who worry about their skin simply lack self confidence - not only as a result of their acne, but because they aren't happy in general with the way they are. In short, people are condescending.

I'm in a relatively unique position in that while my acne is moderate, I definitely have days where my skin is completely clear. I definitely experience both sides of the spectrum: the highs of self confidence and joviality that are directly sequential to clear skin and the absolute lows of waking up with a cyst on your nose. I'd like to offer that on days when my skin is clear my entire attitude is completely and radically different. I wake up and am ready to go to school. I look people in the eye when I speak, and seek conversations with people that I wouldn't normally talk to. I can talk to girls, and do talk to girls. The entire day can still revolve around looking at myself in the mirror, but instead of the shell schocked feeling I get when I have acne, it's as if I've sipped liquid courage.

Basically, I'm saying that I experience none of the "post traumatic stress" symptoms of many that plague this board. Which isn't to say I'm not insecure about how I look when I break out - I'm as bad as the worst on this forum - I've dipped out on school, avoided social interaction and even let my grades slip to an extent as a result of my skin. But when my skin is clear, so is my head. Does anyone else feel this euphoria that comes with good skin, and the equally distressing downs of breaking out? It's really the mood swing that kills me: one second I feel great, the next I'm in the gutter.

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wow I have the exact same problem. My acne is moderate and I have it managed down to mild at the monent. Clear skin days are the best, I have all the confidence and energy in the world. I just have a general good feeling (today is actually one of those days). But when I breakout, its like Im another person. I get so uptight and stressed out. I hate it. There is no reason for it other than my skin. It doesnt just take away my confidence it takes away my ambition and drive as well. I hate the rollercoaster ride. Even though I feel great as I write this, I know that a new breakout is only days, or hours, away. I feel especially helpless when I feel a new breakout because I religiously take care of my skin. Look at my signature for all the stuff I use. It's literally hundreds of dollars worth of products. I should not be breaking out at all.

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