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Is this guy serious or is he trolling?

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Here is an excerpt from his message:

"First I did an herbal colon cleanse. Not too sure if this had any affect on my cysts because I was still getting them once I finshed the cleanse.

And step two: Daily coffee enema. Sounds really strange and I never would've done it if I wasn't so desperate for something to change my life around...but its working! The first day I did it, I ate normally and I drank nothing but lemon water and even drank a little bit of olive oil with it because I noticed my stomache was growling and moving up and down like never before. Went to the bathroom that night and there were 5 parasite worms about an inch and a half-2 inches long floating in there and about 20 seed looking thigns that I cant verify but I'm pretty sure they were little baby worms. looked exactly the same just a lot smaller. Really gross.

Day 2: went to the bathroom and took a number 2. Looked down and there were no parasites but 5-6 round gallstones each at least 3 inches long. Huge...

20 minutes after that I did my coffee enema for that day, held it in for 20 minutes and when I went to empty out in the toilet about 30-40 smaller 1 inch long stones came out. They were mostly tan in color and the rest were black and green. My insides continually after this would be moving more than I ever remembered them being able to move. Which is proboly a good thing and means my liver, kidneys, pancreas, and gallbladder are now able to move freely and do their job. My mind felt totally clear, my symptoms of depression and anxiety somehow quickly vanished. My face looked much younger and healthier, darkness under my eyes was diminishing, I didn't look tired all the time anymore! and my face didnt look pale anymore, even my vision which grew worse over the last 2 years seems to have gotten much better, I felt like a brand new man, even with the scars and redmarks and remaining cysts still on my face.

3 weeks later. Face is completely clear of all acne. old cysts are mostly healed. MUCH more energy and actually deeply happy. Finally feel alive again! Going to have my next deep fx in august and try to reclaim my life."

So, what the hell. Parasite worms!

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Colon cleansing is BS.

Here is an excerpt from science based medicine (sciencebasedmedicine.org) if you would like a quick lesson.

"First of all, the bacteria decried by colon cleansers are in reality completely normal and do not “poison†their host, except occasionally, such as when a new strain (such as pathogenic strains of E. coli that cause food poisoning or simply bacterial strains that “don’t belong†and cause travellers’ diarrhea). They are even beneficial in that they help with the breakdown of bile salts in the stool, among other things. Indeed, one of the reasons that antibiotics often cause diarrhea or a secondary infection known as Clostridium difficile colitis (which can be life-threatening) is because antibiotics kill the normal bacterial flora of the colon, allowing pathogenic bacteria to grow into the niche left behind by the dead normal bacteria. Second of all, yes there are parasitic diseases of the colon (Giardia or entamoeba, anyone?), but worms and gastrointestinal parasites are relatively uncommon causes of colon disease in the developed world. Third, as a surgeon, I can tell you from simple experience operating on the colon that hardened feces do not accumulate on the walls of the colon as the colon cleansers claim. Any gastroenterologist who does a lot of colonoscopies could tell you that too. Even in disease states in which colon motility is impaired, we generally do not see the feces “caking†on the walls. Even in the case of mechanical obstruction by, for instance, a colon or rectal cancer, what we see is lots of fecal matter fairly evenly distributed in the lumen of the colon.

But what, you may reasonably ask, is all that nastiness that colon cleansing websites so proudly display as evidence of the “success†of their cleanses? One thing you will find, if you look closely at the ingredients of many colon cleansing products, is that many of them contain bentonite clay. This clay is touted as having been used by indigenous tribes for many centuries (the fallacy of ancient wisdom–my favorite!) and as a “natural†laxative. What it really is is an absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate clay that expands in the gastrointestinal tract as it absorbs fluid. Often the bentonite clay is combined with psyllium, which is often used as a bulk-forming laxative. The beauty of this, as far as sellers of colon cleansing products go, is that bentonite clay is responsible for those disgusting rope-like stools that are touted as “evidence†that people’s colons are coated with layers of disgusting waste that is “poisoning†them. Such stools consist of the clay expanded by the liquid from the gastrointestinal tract, plus the bulk formed by psyllium, all coated with feces. Thus, the product itself produces the very condition that it claims to treat! I sometimes envision experienced and skillful con men tipping their hats in appreciation and respect when they learn this little fact about colon cleansing products.

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Sounds good - it's along the lines of what I expected.

I'd also imagine the "parasites" were the ass's mucosal lining - what do you think?

So, is the consensus that coffee enemas are complete bullshit?

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I don't think enemas or colon cleansing are ever necessary, unless you need a colonoscopy or have some other medical condition going on. There's just no good, evidence-based benefits to them.

It's best to leave that area alone or you disrupt your natural flora. That's my conclusion after researching the topic.

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