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I had acne ever since I was 17 years of age. (now I am 21) I thought I would share my experiences with different products that I tried. (for the sake of saving your wallets and disappointment) Obviously, none of the ones that I am about to mention worked for me or for anybody that I personally know.

Proactive Solution:

No, this will not work for you. I don't care how many pictures they have posted on their website or how many people say that it works on their TV informercial, I feel that most of them are ficticious and are not exactly credible. EVERYONE that I know PERSONALLY that tried this product including myself developed a worsening case of acne with this product. This smells really good and feels really good, but will NOT work will really well.

Murad Acne Complex:

This one actually was a worse experience than the Proactive solution. I not only had worsening acne from where the Proactive solution left me at, but also it made my skin EXTREMELY oily. (I am not sure why) It took my acne to a point where I was embarrassed to go outside, because my face was SOO messed up. (and at the time I was in college.) This was about $20 more expensive than Proactive and it was definitely $20 worse than Proactive.


Do NOT trust the informercial when it comes down to your skin care. Trust me... Even if they honor the "money back guarantee", having money in their account will help greatly when it comes down to the size of the business they do. They will say or do anything to get people to buy their products at least once. Think about it, suppose you get one million dollars from someone, and you have to return it in a month. You keep that thing in there for a month, and the interest rate of the savings account was say 1.1%/month. You have just made $11,000. That's how that kind of business works. No body's dumb enough to lose money on a deal. They don't mind disappointing people or ripping off their hearts as long as they make some money on any given "transactions". So be very careful next time you buy something.

A Word of Advise:

Do a research on the stuff that you would like to purchase. Read ALL unbiased forums, (the posters of the forum are not affiliated with the product) do a thorough research on the active ingredients of the product, (including all possible side effects) try to find the person that is similar to yours. (does he/she have oily skin? sensitive? Is this person pregnant? Is he a heavy drinker? etc.)

My acne's been at its best now that I don't try ANY products. I just wash my face with a normal soap, and put some lotion. (Been doing this for 3 months) However, by "at best," I meant not as bad as when I was trying those ridiculous products. (Btw, I did consider Stanford University as my potential Grad school, but now that I figured that Proactive and Murad were both created by Stanford graduates, I will apply somewhere else. <_< HEHE.)

I am currently trying out this product called Zenmed Derma Cleanse System. Although I read some horrifying reviews about this product, what really caught my eyes were the active ingredients. I could not find anything as comprehensive as this product when it comes down to the herbal treatment of acne. (Unless, someone else likes to enlighten me.) It was quite pricy, but hey, if it works I wouldn't mind that. I am only on my 4th day, and so far not so bad. Supposely 75% of the people that use this product break out more for the first 4 weeks, but I don't see anymore coming out. (a

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Most of the people on here seem to have had the same experience as you with the ProActiv and Murad.

My current regimen has a lot in common with the Zenmed system.

I drink a cup of herbal tea once a day, that contains hormonal balancing herbs, and add chastetree and liver support liquid extracts to it. (this contains a majority of the herbs in the ZenMed capsules).

I've found that a combination of Paula's Choice BHA lotion and tea tree oil does a good job of clearing up spots and bumps under the skin. (the zenmed gel is salicylic acid w/ tea tree oil in it. this product would have a lot less tea tree oil though, and the BHA lotion I use has a penetration enhancer in it that probably helped get the bumps under the skin).

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Hukis just becuase something hasn't worked for you doesn't mean it doesn't work. If you have severe acne as in your case Proactiv isn't going to help. I have had mild acne for years and Proactiv has worked better than any prescription medication I have used. Remember acne isn't just caused by dead skin buildup and bacteria. It also has something to do with hormones. If your hormones are out of balance acne will follow no matter how hard you scurb.

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Proactiv works for me. Thats all I'm saying. If you think it sucks dont use it and don't tell other people who have used it with success that it sucks. Most people think their acne stems from bad acne meds when actaully it has more to do with hormones. I don't have a hormone problem.

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I agree with the "normal" route. I've tried a lot of thing suggested on this site, but I'm always at my best when I use just plain old soap and just use the Differin and Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask to clear up those few 'n far between minor outbreaks. I also watch my diet...sugar's evil. Hehe! Anywho...that's my opinion, and the rest of ya'll are entitled to yurs. smile.gif

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