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What is wrong with my skin?! Please help!

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I've had acne since I was around 13, not serious acne, but enough to be of great annoyance and frustration!

It started on my forehead and gradually moved down to my jawline/lower cheek area, with the odd pimple on my chin. Now, at 17 it is hardly a problem on my forehead at all even though I have a fringe. Now it is just a problem in my jaw/lower cheek area.

It seems to be affected predominately by diet, sugar has noticable effects, other bad foods(like fatty things - McDonalds etc) can give me a zit or two. However sometimes I can eat really badly (Like KFC, potato chips, McDonalds) all over two or three days, and nothing much will happen at all.

With the sugar thing, I sometimes eat a fair amount of pasta, which is pretty much 100% carbs which just turns into the sugar, and that doesn't really have much of an effect which puzzles me :S

I'm pretty thin, about 118lbs and 5"8 tall. I have a reeaallly fast metabolism, nothing I eat puts makes me put on weight at all not matter how much of it I eat.

I don't really specifically excercize but walk places and am out lots, so yeah. I broke out like crazy when I started running though... which I know is just my body purging toxins, but it put me off it, as it was already a hassle.

My current regimen includes:

A lemon a day, put in around 700mls of water drank in one go in the morning when I first get up.

Followed by 5 weet bix and rice milk

Nothing really special for lunch, usually sandwiches or something.

For skin care I use Garnier Pure Deep Pore Wash(It has exfoliation beads, but seems to work okay, and doesn't hurt(?) my skin. Followed by moisturising with Clean and Clear oil free skin balancing moisturiser, and spot treatment with Clearasil Rapid Action Pimple Cream for spot treatment.

However this is only nightly and I don't do anything in the morning.

I change my pillowcase everynight (Obsessive i know!)

So, is there anyone else with similar skin to me and has advice on what I should do?

It just refuses to go away!

Thank you so much!

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