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New York14

My Accutane Experience

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Hi all - I've been trying to write a review on this confusing site, but can't figure out how, so a message post will have to do it!

I had an amazing, 100% great experience on Accutane. It's hard to describe how incredible this product is. I, like most people with acne, have tried EVERYTHING. Changed my diet, my hair products, my pillow sheets...and tried all the products (so much money throw dow the toilet)!, all the prescriptions, minocycline, tetra, spironolactone, birth control pills, topicals.. Why didn't I try accutane sooner??

I was actually scared of all the bad reviews that it gets and all the warnings.

I had almost no side effects. Mild dryness, that's it! And my skin is just so clear, it's honestly like a miracle. It's so amazing that I no longer have to worry about my skin. I have enough things to worry about, and not having to just, words can't describe. I know i sound like an infomercial or one of those dieters who lost a ton of weight with a miracle pill ...but this is the real deal.

Is the iPledge program incredibly annoying and are the people who work on the programs at derms offices incompetant? yes and yes. Is it worth dealing with? Yes. Get the product, don't get pregnant, drink a lot of water (to keep hydrated and less dry) and thank me later.

Everyone is different, so you need to work with your dermatolgist. But why oh why didn't my dermatologist tell me about this when i was so embarrassed, dying, in my teens??? Better late than never, but at 26, i wish i had taken this at 16 and have been done with it.

I'm on my last few pills now and am just so amazed each time i look in the mirror. no breakouts. the scaring is healing. smooth, perfect skin. it really feels like a miracle.

I never post reviews etc. on the internet, but I feel so strongly about this, i had to. also, before i tried the product, I went to a lot of websites and was scared by all the bad/scary reviews. had to make sure that people knew my story.

Good luck!

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