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Does AHA help with whiteheads ?

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I have whiteheads below my nose in the mustache area. I only get whiteheads, from really tiny to huge ones. The only thing that have clear me 100% is retina-a micro but i stopped because the peeling was making my skin raw. I used many products with BHA, BP and mama lotion but they cause me to break out more. Im planning to use paula choice AHA 8%. Anyone have success with AHA for their whiteheads or any type of acne ?

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i'm not sure, but i get tons of whiteheads covering my face and so far i have found nothing to help them yet, so i'm interested to see if AHA works, because i've actually never tried it before.

edit:// i just got some of dan's AHA today & i'm going to try it out :)

i'll keep you posted!! :)

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so, i'm actually not sure what to make my regimen right now, because i don't know what happened with the AHA last night but all my whiteheads are HALF the size they were before... and some of them were gone.

i kind of did a weird thing yesterday caz i can't make up my mind about my regimen...

i used sal acid in the morning... by the end of the day my skin was bright red. so i was like ugh i'm not doing this regimen anymore.

so i decided to switch to just using a full finger of dan's BP every night. so i washed my face, put on the BP and moisturized REALLY good.

then i was researching AHA and my mom was telling me all these good things about it... and since i had just gotten mine, i was just like what the heck. i know i'm not supposed to wash more than 2 times a day but i'll do it anyway. so i washed my face and put on the AHA and a bit of jojoba oil.

when i woke up this morning my skin was AMAZING... well not amazing but i mean... most of my non inflamed acne diminished in size and a few disapeared! :D

hopefully this isn't too good to be true!

i don't know what made that happen though, the AHA alone, the AHA combined with the BP, or the AHA combined with the SA. or maybe all 3 combined??? i should of been patient and started my regimen tomorrow lol...

but for now i'm going to just try the AHA alone morning and night moisturizing with only jojoba oil.

it's dans AHA and dan's jojoba oil by the way :)

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