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Can someone tell me if this is a good regimen to use along with Acne.org's products?

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Hello, I'm new here so I don't really know where this post should go, but here's my concern (I apologize in advance for the long read):

I have been using the Cleanser, BP, and Moisturizerfrom Acne.org for about a year, but it doesn't seem to clear my acne up as well as I want - It does work pretty well though. However, I wanted to try different products as well because they have seem to provide a few advantages such as: being all natural and preservative free, controls oil, etc.

The brand I have tried for also a year and want to combine with my regimen is Boscia.

- Purifying Cleanser

- Clear Complexion Tonic (w/ Botanical Blast)

- Possibly the Clear Complexion Treatment(which I assume is the alternative to BP).

My everyday uses:

- Also, Honey100% Pure as a facial

- And 100% Lemon Juice

- AveenoContinuous Protection Sunblock Lotion

I wanted to use this combination for a normal regimen AM and PM:

- Boscia Cleanser

- Boscia Tonic

- Acne.org BP

- Aveeno Sunblock (has vitamins A, C, and E, and natural soy)

Then every night, after doing that, I would do a facial with the Honey and Lemon Juice:

- 2 Teaspoons of Honey

- 1 Teaspoon of Lemon

- mixed together and apply to whole face for about an hour

So would this be a good regimen? I heard many good things about honey, so I decided to try it. Boscia just feels a lot nice nicer to use. BP seems to be pretty effective against acne.

Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention that I use often:

- DDF Sulfur Therapeutic Mask as a spot treatment every now and then

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Were you adding in additional steps and/or products when you were on The Regimen, or did you stick to The Regimen for a year using only the Acne.org cleanser, BP, and moisturizer?

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Hmm, no harm, no foul, right? You did the regimen long enough.*

I would introduce things one by one, though. If you have a bad reaction to anything (or a GOOD one for that matter!) you need to know which product it is specifically. So, introduce these different elements one by one, wait a few weeks, see if they work, and then go from there.

Good luck.

*although I would suggest making sureeeee you've been doing the regimen correctly, because you very well may have not cleared up because you are making a mistake of some sort, and to me dan's regimen seems a lot easier and less time consuming than the regimen you want to try for yourself.

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I'm still wondering if it is okay to use the Boscia Tonic (toner I guess) along with the Acne.org BP. Don't they have the same purpose? And is it okay to replace a moisturizer with sunblock lotion?

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