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accutane question

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Hi, so a little background... have had acne for ever now, im a 22 y/o male, and I had pretty bad acne as a teenager, however around 18/19 it got alot better. Since then it has kind of been really up and down, going from good to bad over and over again. Right now I seem to be in a bad phase. My skin usually has two or three pimples, which aren't very big, but is covered in little colorless bumps especially my forhead and super blotchy and red. It looks like shit. Anyways, I have a year and half old prescription for accutane but never took it because A) my skin was ok for most of the past year, B) was afraid of the side effects. I think i am going to start accutane though, because honestly even when my skin was ok whenever I break out it is the worst experience for me, like even though the acne is not terribly bad, it has a serious impact on my social and school life, making me feel awful, something im sure many of you can relate to. Anyways, sorry for the rant, but my question is that for the summer from may-july my job will be treeplanting, which entails working outside and for really long hours and basically living in the bush, so this means I will be doing highly physical work, and will be working in the sun when its out. Do you think it would be a terrible idea to begin my accutane now? Id like it to be almost over by the time i start school in september, and I personally dont think the sun would be an issue as I have don't normally burn, and would be wearing long sleeves and a hat along with sunscreen. Anyways, anyone with experience working intense jobs on accutane? sorry for the rant but curious!

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