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Alpha Hydroxy

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Hey guys,

I've been on Dan's regimine for about a week now and it has been working pretty good. I was looking at other supplies and saw that Alpha Hydroxy is reccommend for spot treatement and such. My question is this:

1. Would Alpha Hydroxy be good if I used it as spot treatement for my back acne?

2. Besides Dan's online store, where else would I be able to buy Alpha Hydroxy? I went to Wal-Mart and searched for Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion and could not find it.

Thanks :)

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Alpha Hydrox brand can be found in certain stores, although it's difficult to find.

As for spot treating your back acne with the AHA, you can do that but you might want to follow Dan's back acne regimen instead of just spot treating. http://www.acne.org/back-acne.html

Hope that helps.

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alpha hydroxy is behind the pharmacy counter. you dont need a script but thats where they keep it. it should be around $14. i never heard of spot treatment, but i use the astringent/toner. my moms actually been using it for years & swears its keeping her young (no wrinkles and 52) and ive been using it for about a month and LOVE it. just got to give it a chance to work.

tried the face wash awhile back and it sucked, sooo

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