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I had my derm appt where we decided to do accutane Wednesday.

I had my first pregnancy test friday.

My next derm appt where I hope to walk out able to go to the pharmacy and pick up my first set of pills is 33 days from the first pregnancy test.

When is #2 supposed to be?!?!? I read that it has to be at least 21 days after the first one, but if I take it in 21 days, I will have another 12 days until I get in to see the doc. Don't I have to take the test within 7 days of the day of my derm appt? Does this mean that my next prego test should be at least 21 days away but within 7 days of my appt?

Is there a maximum # of days away my next test can be.. like at least 21 days away but less than _?_ days away?

man this whole process sucks. FUCK IPLEDGE. I mean, I am so absolutely positively not pregnant, and I have to worry not just about my acne now, but also that I am somehow going to screw this up by getting a pregnancy test (when I'm not even pregnant) on the wrong day and possibly have to wait even longer to start.

I called the docs office and left a message, asking for someone to check out my dates and tell me exactly what days are ok to get it done, but they did not call back today. If someone here could explain it to me sooner I would sleep better tonight lol

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You have to pick up your prescription within 7 days of your pregnancy test. The actual date of your pregnancy test will count as day 1. So, you'll want to coordinate this 7-day window with your derm appointment that way you'll actually be able to fill the prescription.

I don't know if there is a maximum number of days or not. Sorry I'm not much help...

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ahhhhhhhhh you know what everyone can ignore my first post, because the lab LOST MY PEE!!!! WHat the fuck!?!?!

I called my doctor adn ipledge yesterday and found out that (1) I was not registered in the ipledge system and (2) that my doctor had not been faxed my test results. After we unsuccesfully tried to get some answers over the phone from the lab, I just drove down there in person. They had NO RECORD of me ever being there!!! All they could do was have me pee in another cup so they can try again.

Whether or not I get my acctuane prescriptions filled is going to depend on these people!?!?! This sucks. I cried all night last night.. I just can't see this working out every month for 6 months or so, when they lost my very first test.

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaatttte you ipledge! I actually was searching around for a customer service email or something last night on the ipledge website so I could tell them how much they suck... luckily they have no contact info, other than that phone # which makes it really difficult to even speak to real people..

My derm did call this afternoon to say that I am indeed registered in the ipledge system.... Guess I can start the countdown over again.

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