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please help, girls

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hi, my doctor agreed to put me on accutane yaay!! but i am confused..

i have been on birth control for a looong time.. and i have 8 active pills to mark the end of 2nd month(since ive seen the doctor)... 1. WHEN do i need to take a second pregnancy test(blood in the lab)-she gave me a referral to some lab and told me to call them but didnt say when.. it says 5 days within your period.. or something like that.. can someone clarify?

2. what happens when i go and get a blood test? go back to my dotor? how soon...please if someone has gone through this can someone guide me step by step?? and when do i log on to ipledge? soo confused..thank you

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1. 30 days after your first blood test.

2. Go back to your doctor a day or two after the 2nd blood test.

The 7 day window to pick up the prescription starts the day you take the 2nd blood test, not the day your derm prescribes your medicine so make sure not to wait too long to see him or her. You can try logging in to iPledge now to make sure your dermatologist has you set up. You just won't be able to answer any questions yet. After you take your 2nd blood test and see your derm is when you can call or log into iPledge to answer the questions, and then you can pick up your prescription. Your derm should enter in your info while you're at the office. If he or she is pressed for time then you might be told to wait a couple of hours before logging into iPledge.

It's hoops the first time, but much easier when you get the routine down. Good luck! :)

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THANK you.. it did but im still confused.. i did one test in office(urine). Then now i have to go to lab and get a test done.. i can go anytime after 30 days? it says something within 5 days of your period, i dont get it when do i go? if i call the ipledge will they answer this question?

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My derm told me to disregard the "within 5 days of your period" deal because many women's cycles are not consistent. For example, some women don't menstruate at all if they're using the Depo Provera shot or it may be sporadic.

He set up the second lab (blood and urine tests) 30 days after the first pregnancy test. You'll want to go as close to 30 days as you can due to the pregnancy risk factor. If you're still confused, call your dermatologist. You can try calling iPledge, but talking to people there might confuse you more.

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