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Do I have to moisturize my WHOLE face?

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So about two weeks ago I stopped using moisturizer, and I only apply it when I feel my skin really needs it, like after I swim, and the acne below my lip is gone, just a few marks that are fading, really below there never seemed to get dry while after I swim above my lips looks like it might flake off, and coincidentatly now I have a lot of clogged pores and like four pimples ABOVE my lips now, where as I rarely had anything above my lips when I moisturized a lot.

So should I only moisturize above my lips, and how often?

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see this is the biggest problem with moisturiser, basically sebum is the moisturiser, your body naturally produces it whether you like it or not.

now when you apply moisture to your face i feel that it is the cause of what blocks the skin and causes spots..

for a while i used a moisturiser and was fine but then i started to break out, so probably over did it?

i think exfoliation is a much better step in getting better skin but then they do say you should moisturise after..

It's a tough one. I personally think avoid areas that are naturally moistured and apply it to those that are not.. depends on your skin.

anyone can shed light on this whole moisturising thing id love to no.

i guess its not so black and white

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