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I really don't want to have to go back on Accutane. I've been on it once (I'm post-accutane about one year now), and I'm still recovering from the redness. I don't want to create even more red marks and even more redness. I really just want to be able to hold my acne at bay right now...

My regimen:

Cetaphil Gentle Moisturizer

AHA at night


B Complex


Vitamin D

And a crapload of water

No milk

I just wanna run away man... this is never going to end. And if it does, it won't be for another freaking year or something...

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Unfortunately I have no advice to give on the nutrition/holistic side of acne treatments (I've never tried those forms of treatment), but I just wanted to hop in here and say that I know how dealing with redness sucks. Please keep sharing, we are listening.

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Okay so I am now 14 years old. I got my first couple zits when I was in 7th grade

They came every once in awhile, they werent enflaned or big or anything like thatm But since I never even had a zit before I flipped out! I went crazy trying tons of harsh products to get them to go away, eventually makong it much much worse. At the beginning of my 8th grade year I was once again clear, only a few blackheads and I wasn't wearing any make up. Then all of a sudden I started breaking out badly again. It was basically a repeat of what happened the previous year, but this time worse and with liquid caky make up..eww bad desision. My zits had gone from unnoticeable to full inflamed acne! I tried Murad, Proactive, Dans Regimen, Clinque, Philosophy, Ole Henriksen Acne Free in 3 Days fast, Clean n Clear, Countless spot treatments and exfoliants and Prescription Clydamicine. NOTHING WORK.

Last week I was just fed up! I missed my beautiful skin and I was sick and tired of falling for all these stupid scams!

I was browsing acne.prg message boards and the internet and found my miracle.

Its called "The Oil Cleansing Method!!"

Oh, I know it sounds crazy! But it makes complete sense!

In science theres a term "like dissolves like" therefore oil dissolves oil! Genious I tell you, why didn't I find this sooner!?


The oil cleansing method, or OCM, is a regimen that consists of using ZERO face washes ZERO medicayions ZERO chemicals!

You simply wash your face with a mixture of castor oil and extra virgin olive oil (or an oil combo that works for you!)

Heres what you do!

1. Put together your oils for your cleanser

2. Start with a dry face and massage the oils into skin (quarter size amount)

3. Then take a wash cloth and get it wet with hot water and wring it out

4. Steam the face with wash cloth and hold on face to opdn pores and then wipe skon too get rid of impurities

5. Splash face with cold water to close pores

6. PAT dry DO NOT RUB!!

7. Spot treat with Tea Tree Oil (it works wonders! Google "Tea tree oil and acne" to learn mote)

Thats it!! SO EASY!

I have been doing that for a week and a half and my face fulls of zits is clear and glowing! ITS AMAZING! :)

Just try it, trust me you wont regret it. Just Google Oil cleansing method to learn more!



Also, think about this. If all the expensive and harsh acne treatments actually worked and kept skin clear...then eventually rthose people would go out of buisness and no one would have acne anymore...hmmm?

Well try OCM and tell me how it goes!


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I currently get relief from washing with Likas papaya soap, spot treat with tea tree oil (only pure 100% TTO) and moisturize with a mixture of unrefined shea butter and jojoba oil.

It's not a miracle, but my skin feels good and the TTO dries up new spots pretty quick.

Good luck :)

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Hmm thanks for the ideas!! I appreciate the comments but I so far this isn't what I'm looking for.

Every person has unique skin, and therefore a unique regimen (a lot of the time). And I must say, I think your regimen, Savannalilly, will not work for me. BUT I definitely appreciate the effort. If my skin doesn't improve at all within a week, I might try it.

And thanks Elsewhere :)

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